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7.40” / 18.80 cm Wrist
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Munich bound

Hey watch family, next week I will be in Munich Germany for a short stay (in route to some skiing). I thought while I was there I might have a chance...

I want to like a nato, really

Over the past few years I've bought a bunch of nato straps, put them on watches, and well, never really liked them. I always admire how folks put expe...


Hey Crunchers, is anyone familiar with Selectron watches? I've done a bit of digging on the internet and it appears to have been an offering from a Ol...

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commented on Tissot Visodate 42mm on a miltat president bracelet. ·

Looks great. How did you do it? Simply with a file? Or a vertical mill?

commented on Partial eclipse ·

I’ve been looking at that brand/model. The dimensions seem large. I have a 19 cm wrist. How do you like the fit? Thanks

commented on Where are you guys from ? ·

Detroit Michigan USA

commented on How reliable is Chrono24? ·

I've purchased from dealers and individuals, many times. All has gone well. I think the advice given by others above is good to read (for me too).

commented on What are your favourite microbrand dress watches? ·

I don't own one, but I've been eyeing the Visitor. The white dial version is sold out

commented on Talk me out of a Formex Essence 39 black ·

Beautiful watch. But, I would go second hand and save a bundle.

commented on Is it just me or is Shinola becoming more and more expensive? ·

I sail and race. This is an extremely odd shape intended for that activity. The last thing you want on your wrist when maneuvering for position at the beginning of a race is a big thing with square corners. But, I'm also a Detroit designer and have a dim view of the brand as a whole.

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another SOTC?!

I always admire the collections that are posted. Not really sure that my collection is worthy of a post. I collect modestly priced pieces. Maybe my co...


Hey all, I am always interested in seeing what you all are into collecting besides watches. Thought I'd share my fist love of time pieces, clocks. The...

New life for an early watch

One of my first watch purchases, before I even realized that I was collecting watches, is this Dan Henry diver. I honestly don't recall how I even fou...

Detroit WC meetup?

Hey all, I have exchanged emails with another Detroit area novice watch enthusiast and we are thinking about setting up a meetup for folks in this are...

Seiko Zen Garden??

Hey crunchers, I've recently become familiar with the Seiko nicknames of Baby Snow Flake and Zen Garden. What I gather is that the Baby Snow Flake has...

Watch service

I believe I'm at the point where one of my babies needs service. The winding feels a little gummy. I'm hopefully that it just needs to be cleaned and...