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harrisc852 ·

Cartier Roadster modification

This is a story about modding my beloved Cartier Roadster I have owned since 2008. This watch always holds a special place in my heart as it was my we...
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hbein2022 ·

Welcome to the Dark Side of Modding

Now, many of you know about the joys of building your own watch, modding, or simply being able to perform some basic repairs. YouTube instructions are...
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watchstoryist ·

Help Wanted - Clasp Fit

Hey Watch friends. I'm seeking to replace the clasp on this Seiko Speed Timer. Does anyone have a recommendation for something that will fit? I'm look...
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Hazeninety ·

Seiko SNKK52 - Sea & Sky

The watch case is a Refinished and upgraded Seikonaut SNKK52 case. It's been dual finished with brushed/polished contours, and the crystal has been ch...
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jonathanRstafford ·

Help removing bezel from Invicta 9937

Hello all, I'm work8ng through my first mod and I'm trying to figure out how to remove the bezel from the Invicta Pro diver 9937. I finally got the in...
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Ichibunz ·

Watch Bezel remover

Modding guys!! What’s the best and easiest to work with tool to remove the watch bezel. I have the small pry tool and knife looking thing but I was wo...
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Hazeninety ·

1973 Skyliner Vintage - Manual Wind

The very first Kintsugi Dial that I made with Applied Gold plated indices. The case is from a vintage Seiko Skyliner, Which I believe is a 1973 model....
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Bessio ·

Mods or no mods, that's the question.

I want to get your opinions about that seiko mini tuna. Which version do you like the best? Original Slightly modified by changing the shroud Furtherl...
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Hazeninety ·

Gold plated Kintsugi Dial

A traditional Japanese inspired watch dial, showing the Seigaiha waves, and the traditional Japanese kintsugi art.
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Hazeninety ·

SRP777 Custom Viking Turtle

This is my Viking dial, and custom Silver cast bezel insert. The dial uses hour markers from the younger futhark, and the web of wyrd for indices. The...
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