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Done some moding

I went from this To this Dear watchcrunchers, I haven't posted an article in a while, so now I have an interesting topic for modelers. I had to replac...

Modified ETA/Sellita

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a better day than I am (work is absolutely awful today). Something that I’ve been thinking about lately is t...

Sinn 105 plus cheap Chinese clasp=much better!

Not sure what you guys think about mix and match clasps, but I found the Sinn clasp horribly uncomfortable and bulky, plus the minimal micro adjust ma...

Keeping it stock

Sometimes a product looks best if untouched and allowed to live its years as originally intended. In my opinion, the Duro seats itself firmly in this...
Have a superlative Seiko Sunday! OG SKX009 with custom etched ceramic bezel insert and Uncle Seiko bracelet.

Post your Vostok Pictures here 🙂

Hi Crunchers! I got this bad boy after watching a Teddy Baldassarre video on YouTube. I ended up getting a slightly different model then the one he re...
My first ever mod gets an face lift. What do you think? Old version

Help me build a WatchCrunch inspired diver! 🤿

Good morning community, below are options I’m putting together. If you find parts what will go better send a photo and or link. Thank you 🙏🏾 The Dia...

Casio AE1300WH-8AV Mod in progress..

Good morning community! I successfully took apart the AE1300WH-8AV and removed the factory positive polarized film with some Goo Gone and elbow grease...

Slightly too loose watch fixes

For a watch that’s slightly too loose, would it be insane to place a very thin strip of rubber with adhesive, thick sticker, etc onto the back of the...