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Tick_Tock_Tris ·

New Seiko Mod

I'm loving the fixed bezel look recently. Really like how this mod turned out.
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Hazeninety ·

Two-Tone 62mas - Another angle

Never was a fan of the two tone look, but it really works here.
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Hazeninety ·

Two-tone 62mas

A special build, took a lot of time and effort to complete.
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Bessio ·

Mods or no mods, that's the question.

I want to get your opinions about that seiko mini tuna. Which version do you like the best? Original Slightly modified by changing the shroud Furtherl...
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Zotrax1946 ·

What do you think, guys?

A king Samurai dark manta edition with a black/blue stripe nato strap- does it work? (I love it!!)..
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Hazeninety ·

Seiko SNKK with an 18K Gold-plated Kintsugi Dial

A new dial design with my own logo, textured with the Seigaiha wave.
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Hazeninety ·

Gold plated Kintsugi Dial

A traditional Japanese inspired watch dial, showing the Seigaiha waves, and the traditional Japanese kintsugi art.
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Springdale ·

Recommendations for skx013 jubilee bracelet?

I have a Long Island watch ISL-49 38mm diver that I really like, but the jubilee that I got from LIW is rough feeling. It’s a quality bracelet with so...
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Hazeninety ·

Seiko Skyliner Vintage

A Seiko Skyliner from the 70's - Such a robust movement, Manual wind, No automatic function, No Date complication, just a survivor that keeps time wel...
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thewatchcomedian ·

Calling all Vostok fan's: let's see your vostok!

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