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Added to the Wish List: Sinn 903 St B E II

I love the design of the Breitling Navitimer, but always thought the dimensions were too big for me. Until I finally walked into a boutique to try one...

Breitling Aerospace; I just want one.

Today was the day when I first entered a Breitling boutique. Some thoughts: Beautiful Sydney store experience: All the staff were super friendly, nice...

Please do this, CWC

Recently, CWC released its Sea Falcon chronograph/diver - and it got my thinking. I'd absolutely LOVE to see the brand bring its 12-hour bezel to its...

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commented on Tudor Pelagos 39!!! ·

This watch hasn't left my wrist since I picked it up in 2022. Of course, I'm biased, but I think it's already a classic.

commented on Tudor Ranger ·

Can't wait for Tudor to release an updated version of the Ranger. Hopefully downsized to 36mm too.

commented on Strap options ·


commented on Is a 37mm too small for my wrist? ·

Not at all. Looks great. Could also be the lug-to-lug that makes it look like a good fit!

commented on Rolex and Patek Dealer Robbed of $2M in 4 mins - Second time in Six Months - Melbourne, Australia. ·

Inside job, for sure.

commented on Boooring? ·

Looks great on that strap!

commented on Added to the Wish List: Sinn 903 St B E II ·

To be fair, I love the Arabic numerals on your Breitling!

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Spotted on EBay: Omega Seamaster Titanium 300M Professional 2231.80

I've seen this mod before, but this is the first time I've seen it on the Titanium variant. I absolutely love it. Everything about it. Would love to s...


Lately, I’ve been thinking why am I drawn to some watches over others? What characteristics do certain watches possess that others don't? Are these fa...


Excellent analysis about Breitling's UG acquisition

Shout out to the "This Watch, That Watch" YouTube channel for his awesome analysis about Breitling's acquisition of Universal Geneve. There's not much...

Breitling acquires Universal Geneve

Big news. Great news, in fact. UG, in my opinion, has one of the best and most iconic catalogues in the business. They're deserving of a large investm...

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I feel seen.

1979 Omega Seamaster Automatic Day-Date 'TV Dial'

One of my best friend's dream is to own a vintage Omega Seamaster. He just had his first child. So, we thought we'd mark the occasion for him with som...