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My 2nd Casio Duro #NWA

I鈥檓 huge on value regardless of price tier - you get so much with the Duro / Marlin for $50. Like my other one (green bezel) everything lines up perfe...

Strap Monsters Unite!

I know this shiny look isn鈥檛 for everyone, but man this $20 steel bracelet totally changes the look! One reason I won鈥檛 ever part with my Hamilton Kha...

Where are my Knicks fans?

Or Orient fans!! Let鈥檚 see them!

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commented on jameer's WRUW

Much appreciated!

commented on jameer's WRUW

Much appreciated!!

commented on ChronoGuy's WRUW

Amazing watch!

commented on Andreas92's WRUW

So nice!

commented on drcarter13's WRUW

Have a great time Danilo!

commented on jameer's WRUW

Thanks Doug! Hope you鈥檙e having a great day!

commented on jameer's WRUW

Thanks Ryan!! Mine too!

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Worth its weight in gold? 馃憫馃挵馃捀

I was awe-struck when I saw the new deep sea gold release from Rolex and then quickly my mind pivoted to, 鈥渨ho the f- would buy this?!鈥 Then I thought...

Let鈥檚 see those chonky bois

From my beloved Hamilton Intramatic to this Doxa, I have no qualms with a thicc watch. If you feel like me, let鈥檚 see your 14mm+ gems!