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I’ve been buying and selling online for over 10 years. Ask me anything!

I’ve seen quite a few posts here on WC about people who want to sell some watches but don’t know the first thing about selling online. It can be scary...

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commented on Why do Roman Numerals Suck? ·

For sure. I know they do it for symmetry, but I don’t like how they use IIII for the 4 instead of IV.

commented on Why do Roman Numerals Suck? ·

I’ve never owned a watch with Roman numerals. They aren’t a dealbreaker for me but I’m really just not a fan. Now that I think about it, 14 of my 15 watches don’t even have numerals.

commented on ImNevix's WRUW ·

Such a beautiful piece of art that you can wear on your wrist. Lovely watch.

commented on cota123's WRUW ·

I’ll enable you to get another one 😎love the big crown they put on these.

commented on What’s your favorite outdoor adventure watch ·

My adventure watch is my Willard. It’s been to the top of many mountains in the mid-Atlantic US.

commented on My first Grand Seiko! ·

Congrats! Such a beauty! Now you need two more GS… 😉

commented on Escaping the madness 🙃 ·

Love the numerals on this one.