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Kurono Tokyo—Classy Customer Service

Recently bought the newly released Kurono Tokyo Hisui during the November purchase window. It arrived in December and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a st...

Sparking Joy

I’ve been practicing the “wear-one-watch-a-week” exercise and I’ve had surprising results. My watch collection has grown to 30+ over the years, many o...

Favorite Watch books?

My weekend reading. Recent purchase. What are your favorite watch books?

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commented on Chadtx43's WRUW ·

Yes, I enjoy this piece and my other Lorier, Hyperion Skyward. I find their designs right up my alley. Stylish and detailed enough to hold my interest.

commented on Moonswatch ·


commented on My 30th birthday present from my wife ·

The 42 looks perfect on your wrist. Spectacular watch

commented on Longines Conquest 38mm Champagne or Grand Seiko SBGV237 39mm Brown ·

Two of my favorite brands. I like the Longines here

commented on Is it worth it? ·

Rolex Schmolex. I get more pleasure from getting more value and less hype for less money

commented on The watch that got you into watches ·

Oh and my Star Wars watch that chimed the theme song. Timex maybe?

commented on The watch that got you into watches ·

Swatch as a kid in the 80s

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Art Deco Watches

I love art deco—the golden ratio, streamlined designs, geometric shapes, zigzag, from designs that reflect the spirit of the roaring 20s to the auster...

Preowned watch shops NYC area

Hey, watch fans, I’ll be in NYC this month and I’m looking for pre-owned watch shop recommendations in the NYC area. I know about Grand Central and I...

Mechanical watch woes

I’ve been collecting watches since I was a kid but really became an avid collector since 2020 like so many of us (thanks, Covid 🙄). Now I’ve had a fe...

Christmas from Kurono Tokyo

Christmas came early for me. My new Kurono Chronograph 3 -HISUI arrived! I couldn’t be happier with it. The jade color is magnificent, the fit and fin...

Greetings from Tulsa

Howdy, all. I’m Chad. I’m a psychology professor in Tulsa, OK. My fascination with watches began early with my Star Wars digital that played the theme...