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Gold metal gshock AKA bling master

This is by far my loudest piece. I usually wear it in the summer in and around pools.


White dial seamaster 300 currently at omega getting serviced

Casio oceanus

I deemed this watch my analog gshock

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commented on Bryan87's WRUW

It still makes noise but not like before. It was like a grinding noise. It's much more faint now

commented on Everyday watch & for any occasion馃憖 (Under a 1000 dollars)

Besides the obvious gshock I gotta go with Casio oceanus. Its solar and has atomic time keeping. It's a legit grab and go. Sapphire Crystal and this model is titanium. Ref# OCW-S100-1AJF or refered as S100 for short.

commented on Bryan87's WRUW

Noisy rotor

commented on Bryan87's WRUW

So far so good. No change

commented on Bryan87's WRUW

$750+ shipping. Which for me was $54

commented on Time to make a decision

That's a tough one. I personally like the SMP better. Has a better movement and I'm a huge fan of the wave dial. For your wrist the BB58 fits better and is a very popular watch as well. I think you take money out of the decision and just buy what you want

commented on Seamaster

I was told it's going to be months. Lol omega is pulling out of jewelers and looking to be boutique only. So I guess everyone with issues sent them in