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62 Brass

Bronze actually. My latest mod adventure. San Martin base, Seiko NH movement, sapphire domed crystal, hands from a steel dive Willard. Here's the thin...
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3 Faves!!!!

I know it's impossible to narrow down your favourite watch( akin to picking your favourite film, or song)....So what are your most liked 3 watches? or...
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Modding is addictive !

After changing a badly scratched hardlex I got the modding bug. Here goes in order: Double domed sapphire crystal Strap code jubilee bracelet Crystal...
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Baron_Tom commented on Watch Knowledge: Requesting Everyone’s Participation ·

There's a book soon to be released all about watches and clocks, its about time!

Baron_Tom commented on 62 Brass ·

First of all, thanks, man!

I've always liked/wanted a bronze watch so I got a San Martin 62 Mas homage. The dial was lovely but I started thinking what if it had a Seiko face, and how unusually cool it would look as Seiko as far as I know don't do bronze watches.

As the San Martin has a Seiko movement it wasn't hard to find a replacement Seiko dial. The swapping out process was pretty easy, with only making sure the hands were fitted and set up properly being a bit tricky. I also painted the chapter ring black, as the minute markers didn't look right to me. After putting on a very good quality leather strap the mod was completed, and I'm extremely happy with the end result.

There are loads of instructional videos on YouTube if you fancy having a go. One word of warning though, it can be addictive lol

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Thanks, mate 💪

Baron_Tom commented on One thing you can't stand on a watch? ·

Hardlex crystal, I've had so many watches [email protected] because of the seemingly OK Hardex getting scratched. I'd never get a hardlex again !

Baron_Tom commented on 62 Brass ·

Thank you 🙏 And Fo sure, man :)

Baron_Tom commented on 62 Brass ·

More Pics 🥰

Baron_Tom commented on 62 Brass ·

Cheers, man, thank you :)

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First try at modding 😬

A badly scratched hardlex crystal put me off wearing my skx. For years it's been living in a drawer. After many hours watching YouTube how to vids I t...
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Making the most of the Sun

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Scotland, and I love solar watches. Do they play a part in your collection?
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Citizen BM7170-53L

Hey. Does anyone know when this watch was released ? I've been doing a bit of net snooping and the earliest I've come up with is 2012. Here's the thin...
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👋🏻 Hi

New member saying hello. Seems like a very good community.
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