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7.09” / 18.00 cm Wrist
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Prx white-rose gold version in 35 mm

just waiting for Tissot to release this same version (powermatic80hr) in 35mm still not too small for me, I like the gold version but a bit too flashy...

Fixing a watch!

Hey! For those who have restored a watch, I have a question, how much did you pay? Here's the thing, I saw a beautiful vintage art déco watch but it n...

Orient Star ⭐

Howdy does anyone have one of this? would you be so kind sending/ posting some photos? I would like to see some fresh photos! (I do not have the right...

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commented on There's Something About Cartier ·

I guess it's the elegance of simplicity man, less is more!

commented on vintagefan's WRUW ·

I put a "coyote" khaki strap on mine at it looks great

commented on Fixing a watch! ·

Thanks for your kind reply

commented on Fixing a watch! ·

in Paris this is not too far from reality :(

commented on Fixing a watch! ·

thanks for the advice

commented on Fixing a watch! ·

merci beaucoup

commented on How do you pronounce Longines ·

(ng) are not pronounced it's more like a nasal (lo) and the rest you just say "geen"

You don't pronounce the final S on many french words, yeah I love french but what a ludicrous language!

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Baltic Showroom in Paris!

So I visited Baltic's showroom in Paris, a very small place that gives you a very private and exclusive feeling. It's always nice to try and see the w...

Longines Horse Riding competition in Paris

Le Longines Global Champions Tour at the Eiffel Tower 🗼

"Hard choice"!!

Edit: Soo I believe my G-Shock / chunky watch is officially over! I've been obsessed lately with the elegance and surprising adaptability of vintage d...

Seiko SNXS

Howdy folks is 169€ a good deal on this Seiko?

Small seconds need to be a thing AGAIN

I like the fact that more and more brands are starting to make 35-36-37 & 38 mm watches. One version of the Bambino and I've seen even some Casios...

John Wick wearing his watch face inwards??

I recently came across an article that explains why people who have experience shooting weapons wear their watches on the inside wrist. The reason is...