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Why your next watch should be vintage

Buying a vintage watch is like buying a classic car, It may not have all the Bells and whistles offered By modern Tech, but damn will that thing have...
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What is a vintage watch?

Some people think it is pre- 1980 while others well argue that anything over 25 years old or 50 years old is vintage, however everyone can agree that...
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Still looking

What is a watch that you're currently searching for, and why does it interest you?
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Asmara82 commented on Rolex GMT 1675 Pepsi, what is your favorite 1675 GMT variation? ·


Asmara82 commented on Current collection. ·

Great collection 👌 love the casio 

Asmara82 commented on SOTC (up to date as to 27/11/2022) ·

Very nice 👌 

Asmara82 commented on Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Review ·

Discussion on  why/how you  came about making that particular purchase. Then you describe in detail your  experience with the watch, all bases are covered 😉 gat my vote  on best review 👍 

Asmara82 commented on The Consequence of Cheaply Made Watches...... ·

(Mull ) Meaning garbage in German 👍

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Asmara82 commented on Are you done and satisfied with your collection right now? ·

Thanks, I finally have my heuer camro, now hunting for that gmt. It's all about the hunt for us

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It's all about the hunt

Hello my friends,this 1946 omega chronograph 27chro T1 pc pree 321, was found at an astate sale last week, I paid little to nothing for it, Completely...
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Time to slim down

Plenty of time I've allowed my eyes to get bigger than my stomach, Constantly looking for the next watch, Going down the rabbit hole and there are tim...
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My daughter baptism

Watch crunch I hope you celebrate with me today, it is my daughter's baptism
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Giving away a watch no attachment

This is gonna sound crazy, I am willing to give away one of my watches, With absolutely no attachment To a brand new collector, I hope 14 others will...
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Wife and watches

Wives and watches are like water and oil they just don't mix
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We're is the love

Someone please explain to me why the rado has always been Underrated and unloved 😒😒
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Other hubby's

You're right this should be about watches and only watches, I think it's alright to have other hobbies what's yours?
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