At the Omega Boutique and they pulled this out ...

This hasn't been produced in a long time if memory serves and it may have been a limited edition. I asked if this was NOS. Associate said yes and it had been at this particular boutique for nearly 2 years.

I've never bought an Omega but if it isn't selling (languishing for many years) and I wished to purchase it, what kind of incentive does WC think may be possible.


Every time that you go into the Boutique asked to see the Canadian Tuxedo watch. They may discount it out of embarrassment.

I would just ask for a discount. I got 10% on my SMP, so you should be able to get 20% on old stock.

This watch has been collecting dust at my AD forever. I feel like it's kind of a running bet about how much longer it will be before someone even asks to take it out of the case. I was looking at this one for a while but felt like the shape was a bit too bulky for me. Lovely otherwise.

Ask for a 15-20 percent off. That shouldn't be a problem I think. Anything less, pass.


-10% + a new bracelet

or make me jay leno

Chuck in a proper bracelet

2950.00 US New on Jomashop- just to help you out on prices. 馃

I love the Railmaster

I kinda like it

I have tried one on before. Looks great. Not the biggest fan of the strap but that is an easy fix.

Honest truth? And I say this as an Omega fan. That watch is butt-ugly. And that's likely the reason they still have one lurking 'under the counter'. Hell, they probably have a case of them lurking in the stock room, but they're not going to tell you that.

I'd be asking them to pay me to take it off their hands.

If it really has been there two years; a twenty percent discount would be my minimum. Thirty percent would be my best guess unless they throw in something extra.

Ahhh the Omega 鈥淛ortz鈥

Dislike that strap, but I think it looks killer on most everything else

The dial is lovely, but that strap needs to burned in the fires of hell


Every time that you go into the Boutique asked to see the Canadian Tuxedo watch. They may discount it out of embarrassment.

I'm Canadian and I laughed out loud when I read that.

I鈥檝e got no problem requesting a 10% discount from an AD if I鈥檓 a regular customer there. I actually have a standing 25% discount on any watch in stock at one dealer.

Beauty . 40mm a little large, but go with what works for you

All three variations of these railmaster have been huge flop, they can be bought (from Japan) new with more than 50% off msrp.

I kind of like them tho.

What does "NOS" means ?


What does "NOS" means ?

New Old Stock. Basically, an item out of production (usually for years or decades) but found in brand new, unopened condition.

It鈥檚 a special and quirky Omega. The Omega dealer should be interested in shifting their inventory, though I have no idea how much rebate they would agree to. Good luck negotiating and show us the wristshot - with the denim tux!!

I was close to buying the black one on bracelet a year or so go. Visited Omega boutique in Cannes and gave it a try. My prefered option was the 57' version and surprise surprise they had that one on stock too.

I knew the normal Railmaster could be bought new on grey for app. 30-40% off FRP and since they had the 57' version on stock only meant it was sitting there for some time. So I was expecting around 20% off on normal one and 10-15% on 57'.

To my surprise after asking for discount they shutted the discussion firmly down and offered nato strap FOC on normal one and nato + leather strap for 57 version.

Still think both watches are good but none worth remotley FRP they are asking, probably why sales were not that good. 20-30% off and we could speak.

So in your case would start at 25% off and push for over 30%, especially on this strap and knowing it is sitting for so long.

Just get it!!! 馃槏

This particular model was on clearance sale for 2.6k GBP at our local AD last year.


Unfortunate OEM strap pairing but this watch is an under the radar charmer. I own one on the bracelet and it is one of my favorites in my collection. If you can get a reasonable discount, get it and swap out the original strap. Here are a few pics of mine. Good luck with your decision!


The bracket really upgrades it for sure, looks great


I just ordered this watch (on bracelet) new from Japan. Should arrive this week. Cost me about 60% of the Omega list price (inluding import tax).

It鈥檚 got a bloody good movement, buy it but definitely not at retail . The watch market is up the creek atm . Sell the strap as brand new !

  1. A discount for sure!

  2. Ask for (a greater ratio) of 鈥榩urchase history鈥 for snoopy eligiblility