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You can’t resist it, it’s electric! Woogie Woogie Woogie

Decided I’d like to have a pre-quartz electric watch in my collection, so here’s my new 1976 Timex Dynabeat. The balance wheel is driven by an electro...

NWA = New Wife Announcement!

So a thing happened last night! I asked my lovely girlfriend to be my wife and she said yes! I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be starting a family...

NWA - Timex Mk1

Just picked up this Timex Mk1 steel today. I got it used but there isn’t a scratch on it. I had one with a black dial years ago and I kinda missed the...

Luminor Marina Verde Smeraldo ♻️💚

I’d always planned on adding a Panerai to the collection but continued to waffle when it came time to pull the trigger — the recent movement debacle h...

My second watch with a bracelet

So, I've been looking for watch with a white dial. I want to do a few mods to it to customize it a bit. I wasn't necessarily looking for a watch with...

Antarctic Ocean

This was the only colorway that piqued my interest from this release, but I wasn't about to line up or pay above retail for it. Was offered to me as p...

Rolex SD trade with neo vintage AP

I traded in my Rolex SD 126600 for a neo vintage AP RO in tantalum and rose gold! I haven't been wearing the SD for awhile since I started downsizing...

Pawn Shop Rolex

My local pawn shop manager knows I’m a watch guy and let me know yesterday they had this Rolex Datejust coming off pawn today. I went over this mornin...

Purchased this nixon for mum

Mum loves colours and when I showed her this watch this went nuts 😅 So I purchased this for her and also a purple silicone band. Never too old to get...

New Watermel0n Alert!

The perfect summer watch! I’ve been admiring this on everyone else’s wrist on WRUW and now I finally get to enjoy it on my own wrist!