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Fiatjeepdriver ·

NWA x2

So two new watches this week. The first is a Steinhart Adventure 39. I've wanted to try one of these for awhile and found the right deal on a lightly...
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ghhitchen ·

Another brilliant Baltany

After the demise of my venerable Tissot PR50 and replacing it with a SeaStar I didn't have a dress watch in my collection. While the occasions that I...
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Mcollector ·

New Watch from Staudt

I fell in love with this watch and the Staudt brand a few months ago. A young brand from the Netherlands where you can also bring in your own wishes,...
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WatchBee ·

NWA: Little and large!

I'm feeling a bit naughty. This wasn't supposed to happen. I was told my new Stowa wouldn't be coming until June. The disciplined side of me would be...
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Stroud_Green ·

Pagani Design PD-1682 V2 Explorer 2 Homage

This arrived in the post yesterday. As it says in the title it is an homage to the Rolex Explorer 2. It cost me less than €100. It has a Pearl DG5833a...
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Unholy ·

finally after 4 months it arrived!!

after 4 months finally it came. im so excited about this purchase. its also my first microbrand purchase, review and photo would came asap
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smallwristed ·

NWA: Vintage Hamilton Square from 1925

Being fairly content with my modern timepiece collection, I’ve been feeding my curiosity in American watchmaking heritage and started looking into vin...
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Trigea ·

Tournament Injustice

To comisserate the injustice of @AllTheWatches putting Spinnaker up against Vario last week in the first round of the #microtournament I ordered mysel...
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DigitalDivider ·

New Addition to Vintage Collection! 1966 Certina!

Found this great looking vintage Certina watch for less than $100. Love the vintage market!
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Professor_Pi ·

So in love with this Eco-Drive.

Went to look at this one at a local auction house and only checked to see if it worked. It did. Made a bid and won then thought no more about it. Unti...
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