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mjosamannen ·

What are we doing here?

I probably started with watches as part of my journey to acquire some basic tools, skills and habits that would (hopefully) make me a more reliable pe...
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Childers ·

New strap for the SSC817

Trying some Nato style straps for one of my EDC watches. Let me know what you think. #seiko #ssc817
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Pocket Dump/End of Day

Some of us know it as EDC, most just mindlessly carry the same things in their pockets everyday without calling it anything. Just empty out those pock...
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Proctor1911 ·

I am going to try 1 watch for a year.

I’ve decided to do an entire year with one watch. The watch a Tudor Fxd. I will post updates in this thread with pics and locations if y’all are inter...
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CitizenKale ·

Worth the upgrade?

I recently came across this watch and I really like it. But it's gonna cost like $650 after import fees which is a lot for me. And it's not good enoug...
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cagliaris ·

How about a Wednesday pocket dump?...

It'd be nice to see what others carry in their daily kit along with their watches... Here's mine today
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TDYRanger ·

Steinhart Ocean 1 Military

So I see the question all the time about homage watches. My answer is always something along the line of... If you like it and it’s what you can affor...
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Matt84 ·

New Titanium Watch from the edc specialists

As some of you may know I’m a titanium fan and edc nut. Because of that I couldn’t walk away from this collaboration piece from Big Idea Design and RZ...
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HotWatchChick69 ·

@BRSEvolve: Bespoke watches & EDC!

You know what is absolutely frickin’ amazing about WatchCrunch? Every time you think you’ve seen it all, there’s yet another new, amazing thing! It’s...
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thewatchzealot ·

Watch collectors also collect...

Aside from watches, what other things do you collect?
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