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Reader suggested post🍻

Brian writes in for a reader submitted question, “Justin what is your go anywhere do anything watch set up? And what is your go to EDC pointy boi? Im...

The best inexpensive watch in the world!

Wow, the best inexpensive watch in the world. That’s a pretty strong claim to make but I’m starting to believe in it. I watched a video where they put...

Orient Bambino X Case Jigged Amber Bone Russlock ✨

Anybody here like knives as well?

Pagani X CRKT 🪺

I carry this knife on a daily. It’s a flipper and it only cost about $40. Matches a lot of what I wear and very useful, espically that I live in the B...

Casio Duro X leatherman Wingman 🛠️

Anybody else love leathermans?

My First Automatic Watch

I opened my watchbox this morning and grabbed a watch that has been largely MIA this year. It was my first automatic watch ever, the Jack Mason JM-A10...

What is your EDC?

Hi WatchCrunch fam! Besides your watch, what else do you carry everyday? For me, I also carry my Walther PPK/s and a pocket flashlight.

A Bit of EDC

As I started becoming more active in the watch enthisiasts community I began to notice that this world also dabbles in the world of a seperate collect...

Are you only into watches, or are they a part of a larger EDC package?

I usually try to carry, at a minimum, a watch and knife/multitool on my person at all times. Getting in the habit of adding a pen and flashlight to th...

Pretty in Pink

CWC SBS x Mushi strap x Stirling Compass