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A snapshot of my day

The day starts with my doing my daily time sheet for the day before they are mostly based on a true story 馃ぃ Paper work done time to go to the first j...

From both extremes

My Tudor Royal day date going from one extreme to the other today and never looking bad 馃槑 from in my work clothes working hard to after work dressed...

Ride out with my dad

I when out with my dad today on the bikes had my favourite tool watch/ luxury beater the Tudor Pelagos 42. All out ready to go my Triumph tiger 800 xc...

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commented on A snapshot of my day

Nope the opposite to be honest I Prefer my watches to fit tight if there鈥檚 any movement on my watch at all it really irritates me to be honest as well my hairy arms make it look tighter than it is ha

commented on Reminder, don鈥檛 be a fanboy. Make an informed decision based on your needs.

This reminds me of seiko and there QC issues and prices rises without increasing quality and specifications

commented on Michael_adventure99's WRUW

It鈥檚 s even better in the sunlight pictures don鈥檛 do it justice

commented on Michael_adventure99's WRUW

Thanks so do I hopefully the do the black bay pro with it at some point

commented on From both extremes

They are good them I have a 36v one takes 2 18v batteries it鈥檚 a Animal takes no prisoners 馃槺馃ぃ

commented on From both extremes

Thanks if I know I鈥檓 going to be doing dirty work I will put my more affordable watches on but for General maintenance jobs it鈥檚 pretty safe for my more expensive watches plus the way I look at it I鈥檝e spent a lot of hard earned money on them so I want to wear them and I spend most my time at work so I only got for tool style watches the royal being the exception

commented on From both extremes

They are here to in the uk 馃ぃ but the quality is there i have a lot of Makita power tools as well but they are not as good as they used to be so slowly moving over to Milwaukee

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A day trip down to the Royal armouries in Leeds

A couple pictures from my trip to the Royal armouries in Leeds with my Tudor BB gmt

Night out in Durham with my self and Tudor BB gmt

After being at work all day I fancyed taking advantage of the lighter nights. I thought I would go out for dinner I knew where I wanted to go Durham....

Appreciating what you already have

I have to admit I鈥檓 getting a bit caught up in all the hype surrounding the new watches that have been released. But I just had to look down to my wri...

Dam you Tudor!!

Just when I thought I was done and happy with what I鈥檝e got Tudor make this 馃槏 I love my 41 mm gmt but a 39mm and a bit thinner one would be even bett...

Park life

After dropping my car off at the garage this morning. I Decided to walk home going through the park on my way. My lovely Tudor royal day date on wrist...

Ride out with the Pelagos 42

A few pictures from my wet ride out