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New to me 80's Seiko

Part of a pawn shop deal. If I had attempted to set the day in the shop, I would have thought it was broken. A quick Google search showed me that the day of the week is set by pressing in the crown on...


Sail time

Besides my love of watches and scotch I have a love for sailing. I recently bought a Tag Heuer Skipper. Looks nice and has a Regatta timer. But I was still looking for a tool watch. The Tissot was it....


For All Mankind

I’ve loved both space and Omega for a long time, but I have a general chronograph aversion and so had never gotten a Speedy. But after seeing Michael Collins’ and Neil Armstrong’s Speedies again at th...


First and hopefully only purchase of 2024!

I have been eyeing the Stowa Partitio for a while and considered it a more present and substantial alternative to my 34mm handwound Junghans Max Bill, but I never purchased one because the Worn and Wo...


Sometimes it takes twice to get it right

I’ve wanted a Borel Cocktail watch in my collection for some time. When I came across one online in really good condition, I bought it, even if it wasn’t the exact model I’d set out to purchase. What...


Raven Endeavour II

I’d had an eye on the blue and gilt version, but it was sold out before I got to pulling the trigger…. When the new colors appeared and I had the funds, I bought one immediately. Very happy with it!...


Japanese Microbrand Naval Watch Co. Military Diver

This purchase was the quickest impulse buy I’ve had so far in the past 1-2 years Ive been in the hobby. But I’m quite happy with it as its quite a looker. Looks the biz even with 50M WR 😁😁😁. Quite...


Grand Seiko ‘Hotaka Peaks’ Spring Drive GMT

I am drawn to the design and watchmaking philosophy of Grand Seiko. While 'variety,' or more aptly 'accumulator,' sums up my collecting style, I find myself focusing on Grand Seiko more than other bra...


Tissot Boutique PRX Limited Only

I’ve been in love with the PRX since it was first launched. From getting two battery powered PRX I moved to 3 Powermatic. This is the third. I love everything this stands for. Automatic, versatile and...