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PSA: Montblanc

Dear Montblanc, I know you’re trying to market new watches, for which I applaud. However you won’t be taken seriously when giving case dimensions in i...

Titanium Divers

Don’t really need one but I’m interested in trying a titanium diver. Since I love my Black Bay 58, grabbing a Pelagos 39 naturally made since. However, I could capture similar vibes for a fraction of...
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NWA: Happy Easter

I’ve been wanting a smaller watch and love the Explorer style. The Falcon S3 was too vintage for me so here we are back at Traska.

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commented on SF Bay Area Watch Club? Why not us! ·

Nice job Rome, thanks for the info!

commented on Morning coffee with my Black Bay 58 ·

Got it, thanks!

commented on Man's best friend - G-SHOCK ·

Did we just become best friends?

commented on Morning coffee with my Black Bay 58 ·

I’ve actually been consolidating because I love my BB58 so much. Interested to here how it compares to the Pelagos 39 as that is the other Tudor I’m interested in.

commented on Thoughts on the new Nivada F77 Meteorite? ·

It meets your criteria, go for it!

commented on New Bulova Aerojet! ·

Where did you buy?

commented on How Much Time? ·

Try another poll start with one hour as the least amount of time

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Timegrapher app vs actual timegrapher

Messing around with the timegrapher app on my phone. Has anyone compared the phone app to an actual timegrapher for accuracy? I’m sure the app is not...

Top 3

Find myself reaching for one of these 80% of the time. Occasionally I’ll grab my Halios but rarely over these. Yes, all boring black but classic.

Do you have limits for when you buy?

Got this Halios in January and I’m already thinking about the next acquisition. Do you limit yourself to so many watches per month/year or is it a free for all?
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ADs in Sacramento CA

Are there other ADs in Sacramento that offer Luxury brands? I really don’t want to go into the Bay Area (I know Toppers is the Mecca). Here is what I...

Solid end links for SKX007

Where can I buy SEL for the stock SKX007 bracelet? Just the end links. Photo credit: Uncle Straps