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Northern California
7.20โ€ / 18.29 cm Wrist
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Q: How did you get into watch collecting?

My brother sent me an SKX007 during COVID and I was hooked.

Q: What was the first watch you ever owned?

First automatic was a Tissot Visodate in 2015.

Q: Do you have a watch with a particularly interesting story behind it?

Omega SMP300

Q: What is one piece of advice you have for someone just getting into watches?

Wear what you like and donโ€™t be too quick: both selling and buying.

Q: What brands have been getting your attention lately?

Traska with their new tool less bracelet and Iโ€™ve been eyeing Longines.

Q: What is your grail watch and why?

Has always been the 124270; so simple and timeless.