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Great watches stuck in the “friend zone”

I was messaging with a friend about watches we had our eyes on and it was interesting to see another list and think “oh yeah, those are great watches,...
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Affordable Salmon Dials

Looking into an affordable salmon dial watch. Any suggestions? For those with experience with Merkur, any first hand feedback on either of these watch...
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What’s the worst watch damage you’ve experienced?

Today I noticed that I was putting my watch on over the bed. This is a habit I formed very early after I accidentally dropped my Michael Kors on the t...
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lmchew commented on How many watches REALLY speak to you? ·

I see a lot of watches and probably only have a positive or curious reaction to 5-10% of them.  And very few capture my imagination in any way. There are some that I think look fantastic, yet am not sure I would ever buy. Others I fall out of love with after a period of time. that said I think I’m much more selective than I was when I started. And I also want to save and get more for my money, even though there are some nice sub $1000 watches out there. 

I forget the question. I think I agree. 🙂

lmchew commented on A Cautionary Tale ·

That’s… that’s a watch chest

lmchew commented on Let's see your blue watches! ·

More blues than I thought I had. 

lmchew commented on Let's see your blue watches! ·

That’ll do. That’ll do. 

lmchew commented on Let's see your blue watches! ·

Absolutely love that Longines!

lmchew commented on Let's see your blue watches! ·

That Citizen though! 😍

lmchew commented on Making up some Watch Rolls for our friends Ivan & Judy at Vario ·

Beautiful work, my friend! What other colours are you planning to work with?

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Red Dial Watches

I’ve been on the look out for a nice red dial watch. So far I’ve leaned into the field/sport territory with the SUF Helsinki and anOrdain Red Post cat...
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Where can I find a Doxa Grafic?

Originally from the 1950’s it was apparently rereleased in 2007, but there are none (specifically this non-Chrono black dial) floating around in the o...
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The Case for Dial Size as a Standard Spec

"Does this watch look too big / small on me?" It's the ubiquitous query attached to wrist shots across the internet. First, let's discount the fact th...
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Next Omega to get the Co-Axial treatment

Is it too much to hope that this design gets the next “57” treatment? I don’t have the money for it, but God knows I’d lust after it. The new Seamaste...
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Kismet Inspires First Luxury Purchase

So I’ve been saving for a while. I thought I was going to get a 556i, then an Aquis, then an Anordain, then an Omega. And finally I had saved to the p...
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Iconic Model Imperfections

What are the most iconic, perhaps divisive, perhaps misunderstood, watch design “imperfections”? The first two that come to my mind are the SMP300 hel...
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What’s your Legacy piece?

Patek has that eye rolling-ly accurate tag line “you don’t really own one, you just take care of it for the next generation.” What‘s the one watch in...
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