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Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland.
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Straps too long?

I’ve built up a fair old collection of rubber /fkm straps over the last few years ,but recently I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight and now they...

Unintentional watch coolness

Was in a good friends garden bar toilet and he had this picture ….had to restrain myself from boring everyone with the whole background story..anyone...

Party watch dilemma ?

Does anyone else suffer this silly dilemma,you are going to a party / get together/ drinks ….and you stress about what watch to wear but no one that w...

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commented on Fieldwalker's WRUW ·

Looks a tight day out ..I’m in a dilemma as to what watches to take to the Pyrenees in July (missing the Tour by 2days 😫) ..56mph💪😎

commented on Unnaffordable Aqua Terra? ·

I bought my Seamaster 300 and Speedmaster (the one with the huge box)4 years ago ….wouldn’t be buying them now ….

commented on CTS rubber strap not from Delugs ·

I’ve got a few of those straps recently and they’re great.

commented on San Martian orginal design review SN0118-G ·

The orange on bracelet has been in and out like a fiddlers elbow in my Ali cart this last month ,really want to try a San Martin that’s not a straight homage…decisions decisions 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😫

commented on KITH Me Thru The Strap ft. FKM CTS Strap ·

I’ve a few of those straps in my Ali cart for the same reason (tho not that watch)…hate long straps

commented on Straps too long? ·

My clasps are fine.

commented on Straps too long? ·

Yes , feel as good as any straps I’ve used

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NWA …a bit late to the party..and power of the watch community.

A bit of a long story (ish) ,I really liked the release from Jody and partner but my desire for the watch was outweighed by my resentment for His Maje...

Tudor Boutique launch (Lunns jewellers,Belfast)

Was fortunate to get an invite to the launch of the new Tudor boutique in Queens Arcade Belfast ..Tried on a few of the new collection and generally w...

Boutique opening invite protocol?

If you’re going to an invite only opening of a single brand boutique (Tudor ) is it the done thing to wear that brand or is that a bit cheesy,never be...

Cheap eBay strap accidental modification.

Bought an inexpensive marine nationale strap (I can’t stand natos) and it arrived…I think this was designed to go round a dry suit,it was massive,at i...

WRUW is not the same as DINNER!!!

This is has a connection to a previous member post about picture scroll embarrassment with non watch people. I was showing my business partner a pictu...

Bored and beers.

As the title suggests…at a loose end and a few beers in so I decided to put the stingray strap I had on the speedmaster on a Pagani …I think it offers...