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“A person’s worth is measured by the worth of what he values.” -Marcus Aurelius There is a lot of truth in that. To me these mechanical wonders we adk...

You ever say quietly to yourself….

“You know, I think I have enough watches now.” Then you take two steps before laughing/barking really loud in a crowd of people like your imaginary fr...

Watches and other things…

Quick story: while it doesn’t matter to anyone but me, I’m a Son of Marshall and proud of it. I used to wear this hat everywhere I went. At some point...

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commented on Chrono Flieger Fryday? ·

I’ve had my eye on that Hamilton for a while…lol

commented on Chrono Flieger Fryday? ·
commented on #FieldWatchFriday ·

I love the Murph. Hands down one of my favorites to wear. #Eureka

commented on Vintage Watches with an evil past ·

I’ve never bought a vintage watch and I’m unsure I would. If I did, however, I would likely think of the watch as a “blank slate.” As I put it on, I would only think of it as mine. I would probably only consider the previous owner if it was bought because of the previous owner…otherwise my watch has amnesia. Lol

commented on What do you think of my Lobinni L16071. I don't like the band I am going to get a bracelet. It's 43mm with a 22mm band width. I do wish it had seconds hands though. ·

That’s pretty cool. Unique for sure! What are the different colored hands on the bottom right for? Battery reserve?

commented on Jeffonthelake's WRUW ·

I love this Seiko!

commented on Milestone watch! Lost 10 pants sizes! ·

Dude, that is AWESOME! Ten sizes is crazy! Good for you, and keep up the good work!!