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Monaco 2 ways

Versatility defined: wore this piece during nightclub bass gig, then this am to time my daughter’s practice math test…loving it

Birthday Monaco

Present received today for 50th bday…Monaco Calibre 2…super stoked and I’m Breaking Bad

Band Seamasters

I play in a 70s funk band and wear my 1995 Brosnan Seamaster at all of the shows… Last night our keyboard player showed up wearing this newer bond Sea...

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commented on Giving it some wrist time ·

Nice! I’m thinking of getting a Royal. They seem underrated

commented on Let’s see those chonky bois ·

Nice cuff match

commented on Help ID this watch? ·

I smell a troll

commented on Tag Heuer Monaco - does this wear well, would you consider one? ·

Go for the Monaco! It’s blocky and kind of weird and has a ton of character…and the Calibre 02 has a great sunburst dial

commented on first vintage watch ·

Boom welcome to the club

commented on I turned down a RoseGold Daytona Oysterflex, Am I Clinically Crazy or just Watch Wise?! ·

You shoulda got the Daytona brah

commented on Torn...cartier santos medium or tag heuer monaco? ·

Yes yes yes…the GO 70s is on my short list

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Breitling 4 Year Calendar

I’ve been checking these out a lot recently… I’ve tried one out of the breitling boutique… Does anyone on here have one of these or give an opinion ab...

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