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Change of commemoration status of a timepiece...

It was 11th December'23 when I received confirmation that I will be relocated to Copenhagen for work. No better way to commemorate a new chapter in my...

Seiko SRPK17 or Seiko 5 GMT?

Really torn between this two pieces and there鈥檚 a sale going on now. Seiko 5 GMT function wise definitely > the reissue SRPK17, but still, that vintage vibe looks so good. While having one more gmt...
67 votes

Too "Low-key' as one of the holy trinity?

Finally, after many years of slogging in the corporate world, I still can't afford a holy trinity piece. 馃槀 But hey, I'm blessed to know a good friend...

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commented on Change of commemoration status of a timepiece...

Very well said mate. Have to agree with you that he鈥檚 the reason why I鈥檓 able to even enjoy this hobby

commented on Got white dials?

Just realize I鈥檝e about 3 watches with white dials. The rest are black and blue. Here鈥檚 one of them 馃槑

commented on What鈥檚 y鈥檃ll鈥檚 most unique piece?

Not uncommon for model wise but dial color wise, yet to see anyone rocking this. It鈥檚 Omega SM300 x Jacques Mayol in green wavy dial. 馃槉

commented on What鈥檚 y鈥檃ll鈥檚 most unique piece?

Even though the brand has been getting traction but think due to its limited production, yet to see anyone rocking it while I鈥檓 out.

commented on Watch as a present for a watch enthusiast/collector.

You鈥檙e right. Usually Chinese are a bit more superstitious when it comes to gifting a time piece. But mostly clocks, as they deem it as a bad omen for death/living a short life. Watches I would say are less so but there are still elderly who deem it the same as gifting a clock. 馃槄 Just my experience and sharing 馃槑

commented on Watch trade

If you have other watches that can fill the void of the two that you鈥檙e trading in for, I鈥檇 say go for it! Because if I鈥檓 being offered an AP RO, I just might trade 2-3 pieces of mine to secure that grail piece

commented on Longines Legend Diver 39mm - just released -

He鈥檚 one of the reviewer that鈥檚 often upfront about the pros and cons. Plus his wife鈥檚 comment always make the video even more interesting 馃ぃ Let us know if you pulled the trigger on this eventually! Share some photos, will love to see them

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What's the definition of "enough"?

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What watch would you never ever sell in your collection?

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Cartier Santos Galbee 29mm too small for men?

Hi all, been pondering for the LONGEST now whether to grab a Cartier Santos Galbee 29mm or not. Main concern is with regards to the sizing in general. Do anyone happen to own a piece and would you adv...
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Have you seen this VARIO model before?

Brands like Vario, Zelos, Reverie, Gane, etc. all originated from Singapore. As a Singaporean, there's always this burning desire within to purchase a...

Holy Trinity or Holy Prohibitory?

The first time I laid eyes on an AP Royal Oak, it was an almost near-orgasm experience. (Feel free to judge me 馃槣) Over the years, it has always been...

Omega servicing center or Nah?

Been struggling for awhile now. Loving the patina look but yet feel frustrated sometimes to read the time at night. Read that if you bring to Omega servicing center, they鈥檒l do a full re-lume even if...
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