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Milestone watch [Longines]

I bought this Longines watch to celebrate a personal milestone. It鈥檚 a gold tone, 1980s quartz, supposedly new old stock. I got into a bidding war on...

G-Shock GBD-H2000

I sold my old GBD200 to get this newer watch to track my distance and pace on runs, and some interval stuff. It has on board GPS, a heart rate monitor...

Autodromo Group C

I just received my Autodromo Group C in grey steel with green accents. This watch may cause some controversy from what I鈥檝e seen about it so far! I li...

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commented on Retirement watch

Stunning. I love Fears. Enjoy it and happy retirement!

commented on Have You Ever Cried Because Of A Watch?


commented on jacowin80's WRUW

Hoist by your own petard! 馃槀

commented on southernwatch's WRUW

This. This I like.

commented on jacowin80's WRUW

I totally agree. That said, you do need a bit of cheddar for one of these kettles

commented on My favorite Breitling?

Love this one, and the (I think smaller?) pistachio one. Have tried them a few times and they鈥檙e stunning. The Tag Heuer Carerra glassbox is another favourite but this is better. One day鈥

commented on bassmanj's WRUW

Thanks! I think I need to make a sign to hang above my watch box to remember that. Sometimes I get too excited about trying to buy and sell.