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Underrated & Undervalued Vintage Brands

Everyone knows about vintage Rolex and Omega and that is reflected in the prices you pay to enter those spaces. Thankfully, there are brands out there...

Quality Source for Spring Bars in the UK?

Much like the title suggests, I'm on the hunt for some quality spring bars. I've got some cheap ones I bought in a massive multipack but they're givin...

The Evolution of the Military Field Watch

I’ve included in my collection a pretty interesting range of 3 field watches issued / used by the military. Each separated by about 40 years, they sho...

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Mil_Watch_Nut commented on Now A Yema & Laco Christmas Giveaway. ·

What an amazing gesture! I'd be more than happy to give it a good home, I've always been very keen on the neat bezel lock as a cool feature

Mil_Watch_Nut commented on Watches from each decade, 2023 edition - Share your watches Part 4: The 40s ·

I can't say for sure if this Ebel ATP is 1939 or 1940 but I thought I'd sneak it in either way!


Its right up there as a favourite to wear for me, great mix of aesthetics and history

Mil_Watch_Nut commented on Mil_Watch_Nut's WRUW ·

Just got this one today direct from CWC, quality feels great for not a lot of money - I'm pleased with it!

Mil_Watch_Nut commented on Field watches? ·

CWC is definately where I'd go - they've plenty of options case and movement wise

Mil_Watch_Nut commented on Underrated & Undervalued Vintage Brands ·

Certainly looks the part

Mil_Watch_Nut commented on Underrated & Undervalued Vintage Brands ·

I had no idea - I've seen some Caravelle divers which are very appealing

Mil_Watch_Nut commented on Underrated & Undervalued Vintage Brands ·

Suits me just fine!

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Historically Significant Quartz Watches

When looking back at important and historically significant watches, quartz pieces very rarely get a mention. In an attempt to remedy this, I thought...

A.T.P. Appreciation Post

Now that its back from a full service, I thought I'd post my Ebel A.T.P. The W.W.W Dirty Dozen are often described as 'the' Second World War watch, pu...

Calling G-Shock Experts

I've got a very specific question about my GW-M5610 with the 3159 module. Is there a way to swap the format to show the date first? I've wa...

Where do you stand on vintage straps?

The period correct Bonklip bracelet I've got for my Ebel ATP is the only strap I use that I haven't owned from new - the idea of sharing DNA with past owners is a bit off-putting to me! However, I do...
84 votes ·

Watch & Car Pairings?

I've spent the day tinkering with a 1985 Ex Military Land Rover while wearing my late 1984 Ex Military CWC G10 and it got me thinking, the two are a p...

Is Leather on a G-Shock a Crime?

A lot of people say putting leather on a dive watch makes you a wrong'un, but I feel like this might take it a step further