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6.69” / 17.00 cm Wrist
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What makes you connect with a watch?

It is not the price, or the exklusive limited edition, not the movement. I am simply driven by the emotions connected to it. I bought this 1979 Seiko...

Two Seikos from the 70s finally refurbished

This took way longer than I ever thought. But I finally got the time to fix the faulty button on the second watch today and was able to reassemble it....

The tale of two old Seiko A159💪🏼

So I stumbled across a post from @CadeStingle and foolishly bought an old Seiko A159 from ebay. My first vintage watch refurbishment project, no clue...

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commented on What makes you connect with a watch? ·

That’s exactly how I feel about them.

commented on SunnyCrackit's WRUW ·

NZ is a bit too far away for that slightly overpriced, yet lovely watch. I will wait for another edition or a good second hand option.

commented on Two Seikos from the 70s finally refurbished ·

If you have worked on some watches ando if you do have some equipment, just giv it a try. If both watches have the same module than you could probably make one working watch out of the two. If both modules are fine than you could save both watches with a little cleaning and repair.

commented on Citizen‘s first LCD watch ·

That weekday complication looks so cool! What a heavy piece of a watch case😍

commented on Gold nugget on wrist ·

That pcb, that dial, all is just wonderful 70s bold and looking cool as hell!

commented on I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am ·

That watch has been nibbling on your sleeve. Are you save? Is this the ER?😀

commented on Is it possible to polish out a scuff on G-Shock MRG-B5000 bezel ·

I would suggest to try a dremel on the backside, if it is titanium too.

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Squid Badge! Who is with me, fellow crunchers?

Just recieved my new badge, and I am a little proud of it, if I may say so. Thanks to @Mr.Santana it was a fun game challenge! I am totally looking fo...

I don’t like the plastic. Do you like plastic straps?

Just changed my Spinnakers bracelet to the second strap which came with the watch. Sorry for the awful picture. While I like the look of the strap on...

Part 2: A broken switch spring and polishing

Another session to revive my A159 from Seiko. I opened the modul to find out that one side of a switch spring was broken. Spare parts aren’t available...

The challenge of the restoration

Well, nobody warned me, now I am knee-deep into this. I made a successful teardown, cleaned everything and then it started. Cleaned too much, had to t...

Casio, I am a bit disappointed!

The A700 is truely a beautiful watch. I love the pop of blue, the silver mesh and the negative display. But wearing it today felt off. As the day went...

Restoring a Seiko A159. Crystal removal?

I disassembled the watch, cleaned it and now it is soaking in water to remove the rest of dirt. The print on the dial is faded, it used to be yellow,...