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Why Spelling Matters

"Prospex" is a line of Seiko watches. THIS, on the other hand, sounds like what Carrot Top presumably does between the sheets. (Found at https://shop....

Shoulda-Been Movie Watches: TRON Edition

I posted my blue Armitron Griffy for #wruw yesterday. @Type2Camper wrote that it made him think of "the OG Tron movie." This comment necessitated a qu...

MJW Knockoff!

Would never have expected to see an AliExpress clomage version of A Perfectly Useless Afternoon, but here we are. There's something almost flattering...

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commented on StNobody's WRUW ·

Proving my point. Sparking constant delight in me AND this guy in Utah who's not even wearing it! For like $35!

commented on StNobody's WRUW ·

Thank you kindly, Danilo!

commented on StNobody's WRUW ·

I love having the power to crop out the stuff that looks less good. In this case, a piece of salad from yesterday's lunch still stuck to the counter!

commented on fplourde's WRUW ·

The lume on the Shirahama is EPIC.

commented on New thinnest watch ·

This actually made me laugh out loud. There should be a very special WC badge for that.

commented on StNobody's WRUW ·

Funny--I was thinking the very same about yours!

commented on fplourde's WRUW ·

Gonna need more pix of that cat—looks very special!

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The Red One for Pentecost

You may recall that one of my collecting goals has been to acquire watches in all the liturgical colors. (There are in the neighborhood of seven, depe...

You know those NWAs that are, like, *double* NWAs?

I wrote a few months ago about my affection for this aluminum-cased Timex field watch with its striking blue acrylic crystal . It hadn't even occurred...

Get the LED Out

I was born in 1977, at the same moment the brief, bright craze for LED watches was coming to its abrupt end; by the time I was technology-aware, in th...

The White One for Easter

The last in this round of liturgically-coordinated acquisitions. The color for Easter is white. (Or gold, as @wilfried so stunningly illustrated yeste...

NWA: The "G" is for "Good Friday"

The ubiquitous GA-1200: as soon as I first saw one, I wanted it. But that was back at the beginning, when I was just looking to buy the $20 Casio Roya...

Secret Watches?

Have you ever had any? I’m not talking about gifts that you’re waiting to surprise a significant other with. I mean watches you’ve acquired for yourself but that your significant other doesn’t know ab...
298 votes ·