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MJW Knockoff!

Would never have expected to see an AliExpress clomage version of A Perfectly Useless Afternoon, but here we are. There's something almost flattering...

The Red One for Pentecost

You may recall that one of my collecting goals has been to acquire watches in all the liturgical colors. (There are in the neighborhood of seven, depe...

You know those NWAs that are, like, *double* NWAs?

I wrote a few months ago about my affection for this aluminum-cased Timex field watch with its striking blue acrylic crystal . It hadn't even occurred...

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commented on Watches I Miss ·

One-watch Lent is a great idea, can't believe I didn't think of it. Next year!

commented on StNobody's WRUW ·

I have decided in favor of, and then against, getting one of those kits several times over by this point!

commented on StNobody's WRUW ·

First one I bought when this madness started creeping up on me in October 2022--and serendipitously, put I it on today without any inkling that the wrist shot would get me my Wristy 365 badge here. I fell out of love with it for a long while but I'm really high on it at the moment. It's a fine little watch--you really cannot go wrong for the money. Of course, I'm back to thinking about spending many times the original purchase price on one of those fancy mod kits...

commented on StNobody's WRUW ·

The case shape is super cool. I have thought about swapping out the bracelet for something a little less pinchy with a better clasp, but there's also a strong argument for just leaving this in $20 base model standard configuration, you know?

commented on AllSortsOfQuartz's WRUW ·

After handling someone else's Swatch version, I haven't been tempted in the least! I also won't ever have the real thing. This is a handsome timepiece and a proper value!

commented on AllSortsOfQuartz's WRUW ·

How much longer can I keep resisting this thing??

commented on NewbombTurk's WRUW ·

I thought I would find this disappointing, but that was silly of me; EL backlighting is never disappointing! Overall I think I prefer the aesthetics of my Casio ana-digi, but I'm sure the build quality on yours is studier...and the Casio has no light whatsoever. Also it looks like you can just set the analog module on yours with the crown, which I think I like better than the semi-clumsy ana-digi integration on the Casio.

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Get the LED Out

I was born in 1977, at the same moment the brief, bright craze for LED watches was coming to its abrupt end; by the time I was technology-aware, in th...

The White One for Easter

The last in this round of liturgically-coordinated acquisitions. The color for Easter is white. (Or gold, as @wilfried so stunningly illustrated yeste...

NWA: The "G" is for "Good Friday"

The ubiquitous GA-1200: as soon as I first saw one, I wanted it. But that was back at the beginning, when I was just looking to buy the $20 Casio Roya...

Secret Watches?

Have you ever had any? I’m not talking about gifts that you’re waiting to surprise a significant other with. I mean watches you’ve acquired for yourself but that your significant other doesn’t know ab...
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Secs Machine: A Review of the Edge Company's Machine Watch III

As the very greenest of watch newbies, I haven’t until now even felt a desire to attempt a review, knowing that most of my opinions in this field are...

The Edge Company 0340-M Machine Watch III

2.2 Avg. Score

Welcome to the Machine (Watch)

Perhaps you, too, have been confronted by this watch while browsing eBay; it's quite readily available. But you're probably the kind of sensible perso...