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Who does that?!?!

So yesterday I went to the dentist for a routine check. My dentist is a watch guy so we always talk and compare watches for a bit. His daily is a Tudo...
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Ginault “DIY” Kermit

I’ve always loved the look of the 16610LV Kermit Sub. So after four plus years enjoying the Ginault Ocean Rover with the black bezel I purchased an af...
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🚨 NWA 🚨 Casio G-Shock GWM5610U

Not that I needed a new G Shock, I have the previous version of the GWM5610, yet here we are 😂
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SUSFU303 commented on Everything's better with a NATO. ·

Steinie OVM on NATO.

SUSFU303 commented on G’day from Down Under!!! 👍😊 ·

Roger that. Pics when you get it! 😁

SUSFU303 commented on Other brands that use Plexiglas? ·

Omega Speedmaster with the hesalite crystal. Hesalite and plexiglass are the same thing. Baltic uses it on some of their watches as wall. I’m sure there a several others.

SUSFU303 commented on Omega Railmaster vs. Tudor Ranger ·

If it were my money? Omega.

Why? Omega’s coaxial escapement movements are amazing. Check out YouTube, there is a great video about the METAS certification process fully cased Omega coaxial escapement watches go thru. COSC? Never heard of her! Omega’s brand heritage > Tudor’s. And while both watches are every inch tools watches the Omega would, I think, dress up better so is the more versatile between the two.

Full disclosure, I’m both an Omega and Tudor fanboy (wear the Omega SMP, the pre-coaxial Speedy, and the Tudor BB58). I don’t see a bad option here really.

So let us know what you get, and pics when you do!

SUSFU303 commented on Which Pelagos Would You Keep? ·

If it were me and my skinny 6.75 inch wrist, I'd keep the Pelagos 39 and sell the FXD!

SUSFU303 commented on What is the most important deciding factor for you when purchasing a watch? ·

E. Price 💸

SUSFU303 commented on Excited for my first CW! ·

Nice! I actually purchased the while dial version last December, only to return it after I realized the GMT had was perpetually wrong! It was always either half an hour behind or ahead of the main hands - but another way, the GMT hand never lined up "on the hour" when the main hand was on the hour. First time I'd ever seen that in a GMT movement.

I did ask the CW rep when will they have the green dial GMT with the "twin flag" logo rather than the Christopher Ward text. He said they would after existing stock is depleted and to look for new photos on the website when they do. As much as I like the white, that green dial is unique!

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🚨 NSA (New Strap Alert) 🚨

Is a New Strap Alert even a thing 🤔 Can I get a ruling here 😂 Straight from Singapore courtesy of the nice folks at DHL, my first Delugs straps. A Nav...
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He went to Jared…

…to pick up a resized ring for my wife (her Christmas present). Did an impromptu photo shoot with my Seamaster and the Submariner and GMT Master II, b...
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2022 Watch Collecting Year in Review

Another eclectic year of watch collecting in the books. Swiss, German, Japanese, mechanical, quartz, budget, not budget, luxury, not luxury. And sub-4...
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SOTC: Grand Seiko edition.

SBGA211, Snowflake, 9R65 Spring Drive movement SBGN003, 9F86 quartz GMT movement Not pictured: hopefully...someday a 9S auto/mechanical for the Grand...
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SOTC: Switzerland and Germany edition

L to R, top to bottom Omega Speedmaster Professional, hesalite Moonwatch Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Tudor Black Bay 58 Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Hamilt...
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SOTC: Microbrand edition

Ginault Ocean Rover, ref 181175LSILN Monta Triumph Christopher Ward C63 Sealander 36mm (aka the C36) Smiths Everest
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SOTC: Japan and China: Seiko, Orient and Seagull edition

L to R, top to bottom: Seiko SARB017 Alpinist Seiko SARB035 Seiko SARB033 Seagull 1963 (38mm, hesalite) Seiko SKX007J Seiko SKX009 Seiko SNXS79 Orient...
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