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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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True story

A little watch humor for ya...

I’m so done with Grand Seiko!

As some of you may recall from my musings on WC, a Grand Seiko “movement” trifecta/hat trick has been a collection goal of mine for a good long while....

🚨NWBA ( New Watch Box Alert)

I’m trying not to buy any new watches, but watch accessories are still on the menu! Received the Legend from Holmes and Hatfield today. Seems like a n...

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commented on Could you wear the same watch every day? ·

Before I fell down the watch rabbit hole I’d go years wearing the same watch every day. I could again, but chose not to!

commented on Trigger pulled 🥳⌚️⏱️⌚️🔫 ·

Nope. 58 days and counting.

Pics when the Christopher Ward arrives!

commented on FXD Size Check (6.5" wrist) ·

Looks like a winner!

commented on Which is your Preference? ·

I’ll take the Tank Must Large over the Extra Large. Since I did that already, voted Reverso. Would love to have a Reverso.

Full disclosure, technically it’s my wife’s watch, but I wear it on occasion.

commented on 💳💸💰Bigger Purchases💰💸💳 ·

Credit card for the cash back rewards…than pay the balance in full every billing cycle.

commented on Recommendations for an "Adventure Watch" ·

For the Gobi? GShock all the way.


But, I ain’t crossing the Gobi, so let us know what you get. And pics when you get it!

commented on 70,000 Club ·

In God we trust, all others we monitor!

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Have you served in the military?

Watches and the military have a long and storied history. Which got me to thinking…so sound off Crunchers!
140 votes ·

Steinhart Ocean 39: Jubilee or Oyster

Last week I wore the Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT on the Steinhart “jubilee” bracket for three days, then switched to the Steinhart “oyster” bracelet the watch originally came on for three days. Both are gr...
92 votes ·

Ginault Ocean Rover II

NWA. Sadly not my new watch, but a coworker’s. He noticed my “gen 1” Ginault OR a while back, looked into them and ordered this. Just got it over the...

New shoes for the Casio Royale

Got the Vario Oiled Leather Cinnamon Brown strap for the AE1200 in the mail today. A nice step up from the original metal bracelet. 😎

2023 New Watch Year in Review

Rather than posting a SOTC, thought I would do a rollup of new watches added to the collection during 2023, including gifts to my wife and daughters....