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Casio owners can relax!

...the only perpetual calendars I have to check are my Casios; I think they’ll be OK and my <£50 was worth it!

Which watch to wear at an evo and Audi celebration dinner?

As a watch-mad petrolhead, I’m thrilled to have won a ticket to attend evo magazine’s 25th Anniversary Dinner in London next month. But this poses a question; which watch should I wear?! I’ve been col...
74 votes ·

Tag Heuer Carrera Glassbox… I’m in love with the reverse panda (pics look dusty due to protective film!)

I was passing the Tag Heuer AD in Manchester today and popped in to try the new Carrera glassbox. I was expecting to prefer the blue, as it has a very...

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commented on 💰💸 Watch Shopping Habits 💲💳 ·

I had no choice but to buy my micros online, but I do prefer a retail experience. Some of the online sites, such as Farer, with its virtual on the wrist shot capability, are excellent though.

commented on Which would you choose as the only Rolex in your collection? Let me know why in the comments. ·

This; because it’s not an In Your Face Rolex!

commented on Which of these things made you spoil yourself with an expensive watch? ·

All of them; A-C. Any excuse!

commented on What’s the cut off between calling something a watch vs a time piece? (Just for fun) ·

Get quite a buzz calling my Casio Calculator a Timepiece. Each to their own!

commented on Strap/bracelet options-Zelos Mako. ·

Something like this would be pretty cool; decent textured black rubber with white stitching?

commented on ◇ HODINKEE ◇ ·

I don’t mind them; live and let live in my book; plus they did this rather lovely collab with Autodromo, one of my favourite micros

commented on Worth fixing? ·

Maybe get it fixed so it works, but keep the patina and marks, as a reflection of the life it’s had and memories it holds?

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Birth Year and Birth Month watches

Hi Crunchers. Keen to see your both year and/or birth month watches. I went for Seiko, as I could get the right model using their serial numbers. The...

Merry Christmas, Crunchers (and thanks, Santa!)

Nice addition to the collection courtesy of Mr Claus!


Beware of a new online scam in the run up to Christmas. I ordered earrings and a necklace for my wife and received a new chronograph, a leather strap...

SOTC collage!

Thought I’d take a few minutes whilst my kids were a birthday party to capture my eclectic collection in a collage. They’re displayed in no order what...

World Time Reissue Arrives

Impressed with the quality and finish of this, in addition to its ease of use to tell the time in multiple locations. A different approach to GMTs and...

Raced at Le Mans 2023!

As a petrolhead I had to add this to my collection; #20 of 24 watches actually raced at the 100th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours race back in June. T...