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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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Wich watch size would you recommend for a 7"/ 17cm wrist

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Rent a watch

Do know that feeling. I would Like to buy a specific watch. But you know you wont like this watch to stay forever. What do you guys think about the fo...

Lucky husband

I wanted to switch watches and found this one in my box. I asked my wife how this one find his way into my watchbox. And she told i know you were inte...

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commented on OnceUponATimex's WRUW ·

Thank you :)

commented on OnceUponATimex's WRUW ·

I really Love it. My brother givted me this watch in my weddingday. So ist very special for me. My only complain is the fitment between the braclet and the case. It looks a bit like the braclet was made for a diffrend watch. And If you have a bit lager wrist this watch could lokk a bit small i would recommend trying it in.

commented on honningblomst's WRUW ·

Good luck for your exam

commented on watsniyoy's WRUW ·

What strap is that? And where do you bought it?

commented on OnceUponATimex's WRUW ·

Pretty rare to see this watch here. You are the thirt person i know owning this one. Seems like this one ist highly exclusive 😜

commented on srebori's WRUW ·

Didnt see this one often here. I also own one. Nice watch

commented on How loose do you wear your watch? ·

Need to bei able to Push a finger between braclet and wrist

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What do you think about this watch?

Timex Waterbury GMT 39 mm Case 20 lugwith Mineral Glass Wr 100m