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Set it, forget it .

Sporting this chrono field from the Citizen group today. Lovey 40mm cushion case , forgot how much a love this one .
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Delusions of Grandeur

Maybe not the real deal but, still looks stunning IMO. As the birch is my all time grail if money was no option! This is my build on a budget . Maybe...
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NowIsTheTime commented on Delusions of Grandeur

It a zuludiver super waffle from watchgecko聽

NowIsTheTime commented on Am I being overreactive update 1

Sound more like your jeweler focuses more on money than good customer service. I have an ethos I stick by. Look after the customer and they'll look after you 聽

NowIsTheTime commented on Best Microbrands Under $500?

NowIsTheTime commented on My wife just showed me this...

Very nice. Love the look of this .聽

NowIsTheTime commented on Multiple Seikos vs One Omega

This colour combo it just stunning聽

NowIsTheTime commented on How often do you buy a watch? How often do you wish you would buy a watch?

NowIsTheTime commented on Multiple Seikos vs One Omega

Oooow , no contest. Give me multiple Seiko's over an Omega any day 馃憤鈽猴笍

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Aftermarket, is it cheating ??

Ok . So I'm a massive Seiko whore and while they are on the affordable scale , is it cheating to build my own with aftermarket parts from Namokies and...
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Ocean Depths

My stunning Ocean blue .
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