Cartier Santos - Medium or Large

So I've been stalking the Santos for a while now and finally plucked up the courage to go into the local AD to try them on. Before going in I was convinced it was going to be the Large model that I went for but, after trying on the Medium, I'm not sure which I prefer.

What are your thoughts? Does the Medium look too small?

This will be my first big boy watch so I'm a little nervous and want to make sure I do it right!

Thank you in advance for your opinions


Depends how you want to wear it. As a sports watch then the large. As a dress watch the medium. Usually I鈥檇 go medium but on your wrist the large is fine

When in doubt, smaller is better.

Think that the large one fits your wrist just fine

Medium, date sucks IMHO

in this case Medium


Medium, date sucks IMHO

I do love how clean the dial looks without the date window

Medium 馃槵

The large model looks fine

I had the same dilemma and opted for the large. Part of that was that I was worried about the fact that the SS bezel is a huge scratch magnet, so I preferred the ADLC bezel version, which was only available in the large size. I feel that it works well on my 17cm (6.75") wrist, but the slightly smaller medium size may have offered the more classic Cartier proportions. I also appreciate the date function, which is nicely placed at the 6 o'clock position.

I agree 100% with @McBeardy that the smaller size is more suitable from a dress watch perspective, but the larger size works great as a sports watch. If you don't care about the date (or if you prefer the cleaner look of the no date model), and will be getting a SS bezel model, my choice would be for the medium, especially with the white dial (which tends to lean dressy IMHO).

Best of luck with your decision. I love mine, but the curved profile can result in some refelections which can make it hard to read in certain lights. I also find that the design can be polarizing - I find that there are some days where it simply doesn't appeal to me and other days where no other watch will do. Based on that, I feel that it works best as part of a reasonably sized collection rather than as an only watch or part of a small collection. Also, even though the bracelet is super easy to resize, the lack of half links can make finding the perfect fit a bit ellusive, so I tend to wear mine on the rubber strap more often.