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Are all watch connoisseurs doomed to become amateur macro photographers?

It seems an inevitable transition from watch buff to wanna-be photographer. I’ve seen many friends go down this road. Here are a handful of my artful...
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KCTimepiece commented on Grand Seiko, Grand Seiko, Grand Seiko!!!! Factory Tour! ·

Thanks for sharing. I’m still kicking myself for not looking into this the last time I visited Japan. 

Cheers! ✨⏱✨

KCTimepiece commented on My next purchase ·

Among these I believe the Rado is a close second… But I‘d go with the Seiko Presage personally (Especially this white dial showcasing that intricate hemp leaf pattern). 

KCTimepiece commented on I'm new here! ·

Welcome! Love the collection share. I posted similar collection images when I joined last week. Good to share w fellow watch enthusiasts, collectors & gurus. Omega & Seiko bring a lot to the table. Nice collection!

Cheers! ✨⏱✨

KCTimepiece commented on Does your collection have a theme? ·

A very late reply to @tempus here but love your coined term here, “accumallection.” More of us fall into this boat than we care to admit. The question is why do we collect? Why do we accumulate? Maybe it‘s an attempt to reclaim our youth to remind us of loved ones or to fulfill some unspoken desire to own something precious, unique or mechanically mesmerizing.

I suppose the fascination can start anywhere. Mine began at 12years old working Saturdays at my family run clock/watch shop oiling antique mantel clocks, removing and letting out the mainsprings of old brass movements then running them through the cleaning solvents. Lots of sensory memories of the old clock shop on Main Street in Kansas City. I recall the humming, whirring and chimes of every quarter hour and on the hour combined with the smell of wood oil, dust and Windex. I won’t go on and on but I certainly have imprints on my adult self from those experiences. 

Great post on collections @Aurelian  — I agree that a watch collection or “accumallection” is a very personal thing. It’s a pleasure to hear different opinions on the subject. I respect the very deliberate and poised aficionado that delights in all the knowledge and only owns 1 piece just as I revere the painstaking hobbyist with the fortitude to chronicle watches of different eras attempting to collect each unique complication marking the progression of innovation over time. 

I would say my acquisitions represent a non-deliberate collection turned accumulation made up of a handful of influential heirlooms handed down to me from my Grandfather and Father’s blue collar family run clock/watch business.  The rest of my collection is a product of something I called “watch prospecting.” For a period of 4-5 years, I sought out every estate sale, garage sale and antique mall i could find. I gathered resources from Tiffany auctions and watchmakers’ literature to inform my pursuit for undervalued gems and vintage finds. Of course, I also explored my own growing fascination for affordable but mechanically sound modern timepieces. Plenty of impulse buys happened along the way too (happens to the best of us). 

Great post and loving Watch Crunch! Cheers! ✨⏱✨

KCTimepiece commented on Apple Watch: Love it or Hate it? ·

As a healthcare worker, I own and use mine as a useful tool in clinic — but I wouldn’t consider it a “watch.” I also enjoy the exercise tracking feature but otherwise prefer to spread my wrist time amongst my varied collection of timepieces.

Cheers! ✨⏱✨

KCTimepiece commented on Are all watch connoisseurs doomed to become amateur macro photographers? ·

You make a strong point, @AllTheWatches! I suppose I’ve learned to embrace the little imperfections. C’est la vie, right? Cheers ✨⏱✨

KCTimepiece commented on What watch has the most meaning? ·

This is always hard to pick, @Pete127 .  My favs will always be a couple heirloom watches handed down from my grandfather and father. Our family watch business was started in the 1920’s.

But my most recent meaningful watch is my Longines Avigation BigEye - a timepiece to mark the occasion of completing my doctorate at 43 (a big mid-life career change for me). 


Cheers! ✨⏱✨

KCTimepiece ·

SOTC - What’s your buy/sell/trade/retain routine?

As I’m sure many might agree, I go through long periods of pure accumulation. Now I’m consolidating some of my most infrequently worn collection(mostl...
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