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Ok guys question of the day!!!

Which Chronograph would you choose if you had only one choice? Mine would be the Omega Speed master in solid gold. Reasons being it's has the heritage...
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My Seiko J D M model titanium

This watch has a frost dial power reserve just a beautiful watch to wear. It has the 6r27 inside with a open case back. The polishing on this watch is...
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Ok question of the night!

If you guys were stranded on a island. What watch would you want ? Now think about it for a second. You need to survive so maybe you would want someth...
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Pete127 commented on Many affordable watches or one expensive one?

This all comes down to pocket lifestyle etc. My collection is all different price points. What can I say I love them all!!馃挭

Pete127 commented on All new Pasha de Cartier with a protective grille

If I am not mistaken isn't that grill a copy of a very old dive watch ? Actually invicta has a watch with the same look and I think that watch was inspired by this old dive watch. If anyone knows what I am talking about please comment.

Pete127 commented on My Baby Alpinist

Nice !! Does that watch come on that bracelet? Looks good but always see it on a strap.

Pete127 commented on Nomos Z眉rich Weltzeit

Yes love that!!! Looking at there watches for myself . Flex that beauty 馃挭

Pete127 commented on Been A Minute

Nice love that!!馃憤

Pete127 commented on New member, new watch

Welcome to the family!! Nice watch enjoy it!!馃挭馃憤

Pete127 commented on Looking for reliable watchmaker to repair my Bulova-Accutron

You can look up Bennison watch in Palm Beach Florida and give them a call and see if he can service it. I had him do some work on my watches and they are great. Just trying to help 馃憤

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Pop Quiz

Ok everyone what was your very first watch that got you into this hobby? This is my Invicta pro diver with a mother of pearl dial. This watch my dad g...
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Need a field watch for my collection

Ok guys give me your opinion on what do you think is the ultimate field watch to own. Looking around now but not sure yet. Thanks馃憤
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Give a watch to someone that might not be able to afford one

I was working with a guy who had no to very little money. He had a lot of financial issues and I wanted to make his day. So I had a mint Invicta pro d...
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Sitting by the ocean tonight

The wife and I are sitting by the ocean and wearing the speedmaster day date tonight. 馃憤馃槑 hope everyone is having a good night
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Forgot my watch

Good morning everyone!! I forgot my g shock this morning and now I am at work going crazy because it's not on my wrist. Has this happen to you guys to...
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On the wrist today my super ocean 42

This watch I have had for a long time. The bracelet is super comfortable and I have had no issues at all with the time or quality.
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Tissot chrono v8

I picked this up because of the color. It looks great with a sports coat or just hanging out.
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