Anyone Else Wearing Two or More Watches a Day!

So although I have thought of wearing multiple watches at a time I just can't. If you can and also if you have some extra creative ways that you do so let's see. I just started to after work having a shower changing clothes and then putting on a different watch. I really have liked to have the time with each watch during the day. I really enjoy the variety and uniqueness that a larger watch collection has, and this allows me to appreciate them more often. Maybe it's quirky? What's your thoughts?


I just have my Tissot seastar that鈥檚 running my older bulova battery is dead, what ever makes you happy

3 a day habit!! Well, if I'm home all day then....O boy馃槑

I usually put on something comfortable when I get home. Maybe change out of a rubber strap and into a leather one.

I tend to switch it up at least twice, sometimes 3. I have a gshock for my workouts, then any of my dailys and I usually have my marathon for nighttime visibility when waking up to feed my baby

Still warm enough to get some swimming in after work here in Texas so I usually take off whatever I've worn that day & throw on the Square-G. Plenty of water resistance for a couple feet if water.

I generally wear two a day. The one on wrist for work and then change into a gada or a Gshock. If I'm going out on the town after work I will pick a different watch too. In the end its fun.

At the same time?

Usually 2 per day. A Casio with coffee in the morning and then another watch when leaving for the office.

I rarely wear two watches on a week, let alone a day.

Yes, because why not

I鈥檝e been changing watches to match attire and activity. Usually twice a day.