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Thinking about this

Good day WC I’m thinking about buying this fortis watch from chronos24 but need feed back on the company and feedback on the watch,I know it’s been aw...

Great info

Wonderful article

Tissot seastar 43mm

Stainless steel had this over a year its been great, I got it off Amazon, I thought that they were sending it from a Canadian dealer that's what the a...

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commented on Thinking about this ·

The B-42 fortis 41 mm

commented on Thinking about this ·

Yes they have a lot of credibility in Europe, I’m also looking at the B-42 but holding of until I can get more info.

I have a friend in London that’s coming to Canada next month I may ask him to see what he can find there in fortis watches

commented on NWA: Rolex Air-King 5500 ·

Very elegant compared to the new ones that’s just released,nice

commented on My Breguet Tradition 7027 in Rose ·

What a wonderful time piece

commented on First Swiss Mechanical Watch! ·

Wow nice looks solid great purchase

commented on Rolex's 2nd-string sponsors Red Bull's. #irony ·

Never thought of that lol

commented on Rolex's 2nd-string sponsors Red Bull's. #irony ·

It’s just me but Tudor should created a new race line set of watches minus the snowflake, either with a sword hour hand or it’s own design Mercedes type hour hand,they have the ability to do it

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I don’t see anyone commenting on Victorinox watches

Good day watch crunchers, just curious as to why I never see anyone commenting or posting about Victorinox watches, I’m guessing they have in house mo...

Tudor snow flake hour hand

Why does Tudor have the snow flake hand why not update it to a sharper point with something that looks better

Sunset on the arctic ocean


Can’t get on

Anyone having problems with web site I’ve tried to enter the site but it say error on site or something like that, I just watched teddy baldas...

My Tissot seastar

Loving it so far

My Tissot seastar 1000 blue dial with blue be el

Stainless steel blue dial and blue bezel I’m loving it