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Bund Time = Fun Time

Just picked up another bund strap from Vario. I know Bund straps can be polarizing but I do like them as long as they are not too over-the-top. I thin...

All Right! He鈥檚 All Right.

The reaction you get when someone asks to see the watch you鈥檙e wearing and it鈥檚 the Casio Batman Duro. 馃榾

The Casual Side of a Dress Watch

In October of 2022, I picked up this 38mm Bambino in the white dial variant. I went with this colorway because this watch was definitely checking the...

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commented on Bund Time = Fun Time

I have the brown one as well. And, like you, I like them but they just don鈥檛 see a lot of wrist time. It鈥檚 more of a mood thing. But when I wear them, I do enjoy it (and they even garner a compliment here and there.) 馃榾

commented on Bund Time = Fun Time

I would say that these bund straps that Vario makes tend to be a bit more on the modest side in terms of size so it might work for you.

commented on Bund Time = Fun Time

Bund + Bull Head = Perfect together. 馃憤

commented on Bund Time = Fun Time

Thanks. It鈥檚 called Oiled Leather Onyx Black Bund Watch Strap from Vario. I like their straps and have about 5 of them (a few bund and some Vintage Epsom Italian leather straps).

commented on Bund Time = Fun Time

Good point. I hope everyone takes it in the WatchCrunch spirit that it was meant to be and nothing more.

commented on Citizen promaster bracelets?

3 of my Promasters are on bracelets from LIW and one is on a hybrid strap from Strapcode.

commented on Show me your Seiko 5's!

The DresSKX modded with domed sapphire crystal, Strapcode jubilee bracelet and a signed crown.


The Blueberry GMT.


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SOTC 2023

To the Crunchers, As my attention to the watch collecting has been temporarily interrupted by my attention to my shoe/boot collection 馃檮, it looks lik...

More Bracelets, Please.

Picked up a few bracelets from Marc at LIW. First, a jubilee for my new Citizen Promaster from their recent Unite with Blue edition. Then a oyster bra...


Picked up this Timex Marlin 40mm automatic last week. I also ordered this Vario Epsom in mahogany and it arrived today. I like the brown colorway more...

NWA: Unite with Blue

This is my 4th Promaster. 馃檮 When I saw the blue-dialed, Pepsi bezel I thought: 鈥渙h, that鈥檚 a nice one.鈥 When I saw the orange-dialed, blue bezel I th...

Ladybug Lunar Pilot

Apparently she wanted to get a closer look at this magnificent dial. Can鈥檛 say that I blame her.

Bambino and Vario - Perfect Together

I truly enjoy the 38mm Bambino but I don鈥檛 wear it as much I would like because of the band. This band from Vario just arrived and quickly transformed...