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The Beer Brewers chrono

Thank God...I guess??

Islander ISL-250 Greenport has arrived

The watch is awesome at 39mm, the orange date wheel is fun and that domed sapphire crystal just adds to the coolness. The low-ball movement is quite w...

Islander Greenport on the way!!

Was about to use my $50 rewards on a Brookville, woke up and saw this new baby...SOLD!! Thanks Mark 馃槑

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commented on Watches & Wonders 2024...Wonderful or WTF...here's my take...

Righton Mel馃嵒 thank you for the share!! Hope to be that new guy one day.

commented on If you could wear one size of watch for the rest of your life, which size would you choose?


commented on NWA | My first GMT is a stunner 馃槑

My first GMT as well. Was about to go Islander but saw this and jumped on it when I got the notification, first gen NH.

commented on Don鈥檛 think nato straps are for me

Yeah, I feel ya on that!!

commented on Can only go down from here...

It's like no one cares what you're thinking when you post but really care about what people think of you thinking about it, simple!! I don't post shit but I got all kids of shit to say, badge me bro!!

commented on Can only go down from here...

Nice!! I got mine too馃嵒

commented on Going back to Islander

I felt the same way when I got a 38mm and in reality it's just over 37!!

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Idris Elba rocken the Brew!!

Saw this on the morning feed, pretty cool!

The wrist drama continues...

Goddammit Man!!! Going back in for a 4th non-watch side wrist surgery. The train has run outta track and full fusion is the last stop for the ol beat...

Couldn't resist that dial!!

My first San Martin and I'm loving this dial and color combo!! The screws in the bracelet however are a bit disappointing. They are so tight I just ab...

New years name change

MinnKona has retired 馃槩 Mike Rowbrand will continue in his sted however, his bad photos and some what affordable micros addictions will continue 馃榾

Unintentional Awesomeness

So I bought this leather rally for the Zelos thinking how perfect this going to be however, I put in on the Ventus and "O my hotdamm suminabitch!!! An...

Zelos making a late appearance!!

The Zelos has arrived 馃コ Looks great, love the colors on this lil beauty. Fit and finish is awesome, excellent brushing and high polished bezel with a...