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A badge I did not think I would get

So got a badge I didn’t think I would ever get with the quality of pictures submitted in the photo contests. Here is the photo that own for me and the...

What is a watch model you would like to see remade?

So I made a comment on another thread about vintage watches that I would love to see a modern take on a Gruen Airflight as I love how the dial changes...

NOVA mid-week meetup. An off shoots of NOVA Watches & Coffee - Picture

Some photos from the midweek meetup. Not all came out as well as I hoped. @AWRSunshine @WristCounselor @nadia_d @BtownB9 @LBoogie @timebomb

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commented on Timex x The James Brand (Holy Hell) ·

They even are adding a second strap and made the bracelet quick release.

commented on Timex x The James Brand (Holy Hell) ·

I think Timex hit it out of the park with this one. I think the price is in line with the specs and that they are not overreaching with it.

commented on ImNevix's WRUW ·

I do not think you have been at any of the meetups I have brought it. I will have to bring it some time I know you will be at a meetup that I am also going to be at.

commented on ImNevix's WRUW ·

It is and it looks even better in person.

commented on ImNevix's WRUW ·

And it looks even better in the real world.

commented on ImNevix's WRUW ·

Thank you.

commented on Rolex explorer 2 options? ·

I say go with the CW.

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NOVA Watches & Coffee meetup 5/5/2024 - Photos

Was another great meetup and @SimonB was able to make his first one and I got to try on some of those little weapons that double as watches. They are...

NOVA Watches & Coffee meetup 5/5/2024

The next NOVA Watches & Coffee meetup is scheduled for Sunday MAy 5, 2024. See the link bellow for details and to signup so they have a head count.
May 5
McLean, VA, US
Sun, May 5 · 11:00 AM EDT

Got to try on some Orion watches

@orionwatches Got to try these on. I am impressed. I got to say they are temping. I think I like the Hellcat a bit more.

Watch pin on a watch hat

What do you think of wearing a brand pin on a brand hat?

Did Timex release another winner?

Did Timex release a winner with this new Waterbury Chronograph? Or is the timing function a downfall?
221 votes ·