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TAG HEUER Carrera 40th Anniversary

Before I became a watch collector in 2021 I had already (by luck) bought two amazing Swiss watches. The Omega AT featured in my last post and so this...

Alternatives to research (work/dress watch)

Hi all, My initial search for a work/dress watch to upgrade my Tissot PR100 (quartz) has led me to the Longines Master Collection and the 190th Annive...

One Watch Versatility

The requirement was 2 days hiking in the Cotswolds, 3 dinners out in gastropubs and then straight to 2 days in the office. Only took 1 watch - the cho...

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HookedinBern commented on Switzerland travel specialist? ·

Swiss public transport is excellent- there are train stations at Geneva and Zurich airports under the terminals.

HookedinBern commented on Seiko alpinist 20 bar WR ·

I trust large organisations like Seiko - so comfortable that the Compass Alpinist is rated to 200m. I only tested mine to 2 metres in the sea and unlikely to go deeper! Incidentally there are 2 other Alpinist case shapes, also rated to 200m, that do not have the compass bezel

HookedinBern commented on Switzerland travel specialist? ·

Feels unnecessary to engage a travel agent. Where are you travelling from?

HookedinBern commented on Did Seiko add this leather band to my Seiko Alpinist to give me an option to make it “dressy”? ·

You have a 1959 reinterpretation Alpinist and I beieve mountaineers in 1959 wore a lot of leather. I used my leather strapped Alpinists whiltst skiing a few times but only once for hiking.

HookedinBern commented on A Sunday afternoon in Durham with my Range master mechanical ·

For those newer to the hobby - an Islander Range Master?

HookedinBern commented on TAG HEUER Carrera 40th Anniversary ·

According to the Hamilton website the Intra Matic Chrono dates from 1968 - so 4 years after the HEUER Carrera.

HookedinBern commented on How Do You Decide Whether a Watch Should be Bought New or Used? ·

I buy mostly new - either with a dealer discount (e.g. -15%), tax free whilst travelling (got -30% by combining this with dealer discount) or in sales (e.g. Alpnists at -40% and -50%, Wenger at -60%)

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Omega Aquaterra Date Setting

An observation that is quicker to set the date of one of my Seiko Alpinists versus setting on the date on the Aquaterra. The photo suggests that I las...

Seiko SPB143J1 Strap Experimentation

I have been focusing on watches with 20mm lug widths and building up a collection of versatile 20mm straps. At the centre of this picture is my recent...

Seiko Alpinists are one of the best GADA watch options

Yesterday and today I have been mountain hiking and lake swimming with two of my Seiko Alpinists - one on a Erika's MN strap, one one a Strap Tailor T...

Seiko Alpinist doing Alpinist things

My Seiko Alpinist SPB159J1 in the Picos de Europa (Spain). It's on an Erika's Original strap which works well for hot, sweaty mountain walks. Such a v...

Two watch holiday

Seiko Alpinist (on an Erica's Original Strap) for day time hiking, Mido Ocen Star Tribute for evenings. Both recommended watches.

Collecting Seiko Alpinists

I now have four Seiko Alpinists covering all of the three current case shapes. Top L to R is SPB289J1, SPB259J1 and SPB159J1. And below is the GADA SP...