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robdominic ·

Omega Time!

Had some quality time at the Omega Boutique near me. Was especially keen on getting a look at the new Aqua Terra colours.
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robdominic ·

The family keeps growing....

I picked up this 2021 pre-owned classic yesterday at the great Zadok Jewellers in Houston...a most excellent place to view watches!
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robdominic commented on Would you swap a Rolex AirKing with a Zenith El Primero Chronomast Sport? ·

I'd keep the Air King, but then again, I'm biased...

robdominic commented on Which is your favorite high luxury brand? ·

Lange, for sure. 

robdominic commented on What is your favourite “unpopular” watch? ·

Every time I try on this Omega Constellation which I love, my watch pals tell me to take it off and move on!

robdominic commented on What's your favorite watch from A. Lange & Söhne? ·

I got close to pulling the trigger and believe me, the picture doesn't do it justice!

robdominic commented on What's your favorite watch from A. Lange & Söhne? ·

The 1815 in pink gold. 

robdominic commented on Why are so many AD experiences bad (not just Rolex)? ·

I have witnessed some jackass behaviour of customers who have come in when I have happened to be nearby....aggressive and rude...especially when Rolex is involved.  I think ultimately you need to find a dealer who loves watches and is not just there for a paycheck. My sincere love of watches is infectious and the buying experience should be a joy.

robdominic commented on Why are so many AD experiences bad (not just Rolex)? ·

Gosh...maybe I've lucky but my watch experiences have been mostly first-rate.   I've built relationships with 6 or 7 ADs.  They know me, know I know watches, and know what I like.  Some I joke with and some are more serious, but all treat me very well.  It's what I expect but I treat them well and am kind, respectful and friendly.  Often you get what you give.  

I went to Cartier in London and they were snooty and I walked right out.  I went to another upscale AD in London and the salesman put on a mask when I walked in and I turned around and walked out. These were the exceptions.  Ordering a watch in the mail doesn't interest me at all.

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robdominic ·

The Tudor "Dynasty" has expanded... All Hail!

Been waiting for Tudor to release their new 39mm version of the BB two-tone which they had announced at Watches & Wonders. My AD phoned when he sn...
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robdominic ·

Just joined the Baltic family...

Just like a few of the others on this forum, I received the Baltic MR01 which I had pre-ordered back in January. My version is the blue dial and tan s...
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robdominic ·

Offbeat watch browsing in Leeds

Decided to spend the day in Leeds and to stay away from my regular brands. The standouts were: Ball, Sinn, Reservoir, Nomos, and especially the Vulcai...
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robdominic ·

New addition to the family....

Got the call I've been hoping for. Can't stop staring at the busy dial!
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robdominic ·

Tudor Ranger available in Manchester UK

Was offered a Tudor Ranger on a rubber strap from Beaverbrooks at the Arndale Centre today in Manchester but turned it down. Jackie the manager told m...
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robdominic ·

Tudor Ranger

My AD saved it for me to have a's cool but not for me.
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robdominic ·

Awesome Tudor Event!

Was fortunate to have been able to attend a Tudor event last night in Sheffield. Got to talk to some fellow watch nerds and to try on my newest love i...
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