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Why do wall clocks suck?

My interest in watches threatened to spill over into the wall clock territory when I went trawling the internet for some good designs on Sunday night....

On a scale of field to dress

Somewhere in the middle lies the GADA.

Will we see a spring drive competitor soon?

It took Seiko 20 years to commercialise Spring Drive when they eventually launched in 1999. Since then, Spring Drive has been the only movement to del...

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commented on Watches are mental ·

Recognise a baby Alpinist when I see one. I’m fed up with mine though, at -30spd it’s going back to Seiko for sorting.

commented on Service 6r15 after 10 years? ·


commented on Service 6r15 after 10 years? ·

That’s a lovely watch. 10 years old and it’s still keeping better time than the 6R35 in mine. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the bracelet from. I’m looking for an Oyster style bracelet and the only one I’ve come across so far is on Strapcode. But the end links on that don’t actually look like they fit flush with the lugs.

commented on Some Thoughts on a Quartz ·

I’m yet to get into high end quartz, but I see the attraction. For me though, quartz watches have to have an EOL. I don’t like the idea that they’ll just stop on you at some unknown point in the future. Plus, I still favour the smooth sweep of the seconds hand. Time doesnt progress like a poorly buffering YouTube video, and I don’t think the seconds hand should either. But that’s just personal taste.

commented on Casio owners can relax! ·

Same for the Casio 🍻

commented on Seiko 5, Then and Now ·

I recently also bought a new old stock snxs. I was surprised by how nice it is even though all of the internet has been yelling it from the rooftops for a while now. Yes the bracelet has to go; and yes it would be nice if it had a sapphire and 100m of water resistance, but the lack of hacking hasn’t bothered me. In fact, I embraced it as a way of curing me of my obsession with accuracy. The greatest irony of this is that mine seems to be keeping perfect time. 🤯

commented on Casio owners can relax! ·

Yes I’m curious about this! Another day of adventure. This hobby never grows old.

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