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7.50” / 19.05 cm Wrist
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Couple of Dad's pocket watches

Clearing out some of my Dad's things and came across two pocket watches. One is a PS Bartlett by Waltham Mass. No branding on the dial. Crystal cracke...

Dad's watches

These are the watches given to me by my Dad. The Watex only yesterday when I visited him in hospital. The Seikos, came to me years ago. The Cyma and F...

Waters watches?

Another of my Dad's from I believe the late 50s? Possibly bought in Aden? Never heard of Waters and a quick Google got nothing. Anyone know anything a...

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Bazzateer commented on Any Scandanavian watches being worn today? ·

Haven't tried yet. Too much going on. Need to list many many things on eBay.

Bazzateer commented on Birth year watch ·

Nice, some good stuff was made in England.

I was made in England.

Bazzateer commented on A watch Challenge. ·

That was me until a couple of years ago when my daily Pagani died. That's when I found the rabbit hole. I should have walked away. I should have at least fixed a safety line line to myself. But no, I dived right in..........................

Bazzateer commented on Spencertheho's WRUW ·

I've ordered a Chinese homage to that watch from AliX, should be here in a week or two. Love the design.

Bazzateer commented on Tudor Black Bay 36mm or used Rolex Datejust? ·

Tudor, all day.

Bazzateer commented on The perfect duo? ·

Right now it's my Seamaster De Ville and my Hydroconquest. But that will probably change tomorrow.

Bazzateer commented on Which would you choose?😂 ·

Aquaracer or Submariner? Probably the Sub.

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It's BIG. But is it clever?

At 48-49mm and 18mm thick this LE (1 of 500) Nubeo is no shrinking violet. So much so that I nearly didn't bother trying it on at all as it was clearl...

I may be unwell

I think I am definitely unwell. Just checked my watched items list on eBay and there's not a single watch on it. This could be the end...................

Do you have a car named watch?

There's a small British car from the 60s called the Hillman Imp. I own a couple and have a lot of friends with them too. Amongst other models they mad...

New 'beads of rice' bracelet for the BB58.

I've always liked the beads of rice style bracelet. With the BB58 having both polished and brushed surfaces I wanted the bracelet to have both as well...

Metropolitan Police Special Branch 1 of 50.

The Metropolitan Police Special Branch was created in 1883 to counter Irish Fenian terrorism and was initially known as the Special Irish Branch. Over...

Friedli watches

Hi, Found the watch pictured in a cupboard at my Dad's place. I think it may have once belonged to his father. I can find very little online about Fri...