How happy are you with the watches you have ?

On a scale of 1 to 10.

1 being miserable

And 10 being happy as a pig in shit.

For me I'm about a 6 .

Content but always looking for the next watch

Anyway have a great one fellow crunchers 馃憤




The only hole in the collection is a nice full dial moonphase.

I give myself a 9 馃榾There are ofc more varied/luxurious/costly collections out there, but I am really very happy with my mish-mash collection which ranges from beaters and divers to chronos and gold dress watches and from Swatch and Pagani to VC and Glashutte Original and from the 1930s to 2024. There is always room for improvement and perhaps for one more 馃槀, but as it stands: yeah, happy camper!


10 until I change my mind. I don't have my eye on anything at the moment, and I don't plan on trying to hunt for anything anytime soon. Pretty sure I won't buy any more this year, so we'll have to see where I'm at next year.

8.5 for me, just to be awkward 馃槀

Tend to pretty much wear the same watch all the time lately, and there's a few need flogging off to upgrade - want less but of a higher quality.

9. Once I sell my quartz Omega Bond SMP and get a new green SMP automatic then it will be 10. However, I am aware that I am very fortunate to have the watches I do.

10. Content

Solid 8.5 or the NAVSCOLEOD max of 85%.

Waiting for the Sangin EOD Project, the Momentum UDT reissue, and a few others. Then I might edge closer to a 9.

No 10's, cuz nothing is perfect 馃槀.

8. Very happy. Altough there are a few pieces I'd like to add, I'm set for everything I really need.

Overall collection: 6

Microbrand collection: 8 but there鈥檚 always another fun one to add

Mainstream collection: 5 I have stuff I like but still want a few more

鈥淟uxury鈥 collection: 1 this is the long term due to price but I want a few pieces from brands like Omega, Grand Seiko, Tudor eventually

3. I only have 1 watch as I just started my journey but I love it