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Subtlety isn't in its character

Divisive, iconic, sporty, and fun. It's not a small watch but it certainly was never designed to go unnoticed either. And there's nothing else like it...

It's so captivating

From the dial textures, the lume within the sapphire crystal, and those funky can't argue the identity of MING watches, no matter how polar...

It's a black hole

Nothing like the brightness (and heft) of platinum matched with a black dial.

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commented on May have bought a new watch - any guess?

Excellent choice! Congratulations on a stunning piece. More pictures please 馃榾

commented on May have bought a new watch - any guess?

Aqua Terra. And for dial

commented on My 4 watch collection 馃挜

Sublime collection. Each giving a different and unique wearing experience. 馃憦

commented on Best buckle in the business

Yes! I look at mine all the time 馃槄

commented on Wanting a comically large watch for a tiny wrist鈥he struggle. Who else?

Most definitely. I have small wrists too but I certainly don't mind wearing a large watch every now and then.

At the end of the day, as long as you like the watch (and it's comfortable), just go for it!

commented on alagonandres's WRUW

Love this reference. Despite a lot of ppl not liking the white day discs, I think it actually works well to break up the monotone and add a bit of contrast to the dial (and casualness to the watch). While I love my Darth, the black day discs dramatically change the character of the watch and sometimes can feel too dark.

commented on Casual Friday watch shopping

Simply fantastic watches 馃憦

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SOTC and Introduction

Hi WatchCrunch, Joined up a long time ago but haven't really used WC until recently. I was fairly active on Instagram under the same username but I ju...