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Rectangular watches, from Alpina to Patek

Heya all. I'm researching rectangular watches. Have come across quite a few I like, but as ever: some are (much) more expensive than others. I have no...

Sunday musings: new GO or used Patek?

I know, i know - no more watches for me this year. But one can muse about what the future may bring, can’t one? And whilst musing (and browsing the go...

Is an ‘evening watch’ a thing?

Today I had a work related kind of a ‘big thing’, so I dressed nicely and completed the battle gear with a shiny GO Senator (also hoping the audience...

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Icarium commented on Let’s see those casebacks! ·

Keeping with the dive vibe:

Icarium commented on New to me Tag Heuer Carrera ·

Nice! Fully understand your choice.

Icarium commented on secondhandcourage's WRUW ·

Beautiful painting, beautiful watch!

Icarium commented on Icarium's WRUW ·

Thx! I find myself checking the time quite often on the days I wear this one 😛

Icarium commented on drcarter13's WRUW ·

Love that fan like rotor!

Icarium commented on It arrived ·

Congrats! Very nice.

PD offers quite a lot of bang for the buck. Can't ofc really compare them with the real thing, but very happy with mine; they get a decent amount of wrist time as well:

Icarium commented on A long awaited addition to my collection. ·

IRL watch comments are about as rare as the 29th of February 🙂

I'm a fan of Glashütte watches, green dials, suede straps and the color orange - so you'll have no differing opinion from my side. Really like it! Only the NATO-style strap isn't for me. Congrats on the job upgrade and a beautiful watch 👌

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New arrival! 1940s gold VC I bought in online auction

Heya Crunchers - as you may have seen in previous, somewhat anxious, posts: last week I bid on a 1940's 18k rose gold Vacheron Constantin watch with t...


My online auction purchase of a vintage (40s) VC should arrive later today...i've been like this all morning... Interspersed with this... Feels like a...

Oops…I did a thing (and it involves an online auction)

OK. It seems I bought myself a gold Vacheron Constantin… I was just idly browsing Catawiki, looking at some nice and fairly affordable vintage Zeniths...

NWA: first auction / vintage has arrived (and it works!)

As posted earlier, last week I bid on a vintage Zenith (1960’s). Today, in less than a week’s time, it has arrived. Admittedly, I was somewhat anxious...

Bought my very first: vintage / Zenith / online auction watch

I have seen quite a few comments and solid pieces of advice on WC about buying vintage watches. I have ignored all of this and went to Catawiki to bid...

Help: long sleeve season has arrived, but all my watches are too thick!

Hullo Crunchers! Autumn has arrived and with it: long sleeved shirts. And I find I do not have any real sleek, dress watch type in the box to fit real...