Omega Seamaster

驴What鈥檚 your favorite Omega Seamaster colour? Mine is green 馃槄馃煝


I have the black, but I really wrestled over the blue and white as well. The green really pops too, but probably not quite my style.

I love the white but you might have me rethinking that. 300m looks so much better on a mesh.


I am partial to blue.

Nice, can you show a picture of the clasp on the mesh?


Still loving the contrast on the dial you get with the white.

At one point I had 3, nttd , blue dial nd white dial with black bezel. I sold the white just didn鈥檛 rate it after a while. Out of the Nttd and blue dial the blue is my favourite of them all.

The green looks pretty good.

This has always been my favorite. Looks very natutical


I鈥檓 a sucker for the white dial.

Damn that's beautiful 馃槏 don't think I've ever seen green one tbh 馃槄

Green first, then white for me. I鈥檓 considering the seaweed as a possible purchase this year.