Trying to figure out who am I as a collector..

I’ve been a part of this hobby for less than two years… I, like many others, had a couple of fashion brand watches, and a Casio. That was it.

I stil have a Diesel watch for sentimental reasons, as well as my old casio. Now the collection is bigger, and with better watches in it.

I have:

A Casio AE-1200WH

A Hamilton Khaki Navy

A Two-tone Tag Heuer WAS2151.BD0734

A Vintage Omega Seamaster 600


I feel like I’ve been collecting without a clear direction. I thought at first I’d be into only a couple of brands, then I thought I’d be going for watches for all different scenarios, then I though I’d collect watches by country (Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Italy). Time has passed and I have no clue…. My collection has no structure, nor cohesiveness. I’m not complainig about it, but I just want to know. Is this normal? Has anybody else had a similar situation?

I’m still drawn to the idea of collecting watches by country. I’d love a Kudoke someday. Nomos is more realistic. and a Panerai or Unimatic. But somehow I think it is all just a phase, and that I don’t really know what I want.


It is completely normal. With what I buy, I look at it this way. Each watch I buy, I buy because I like. When someone sees my collection or even a watch I own, it is a representation of a part of my personality that day. So each watch is a representation of my likes, dislikes, so on and so forth.


I think what the watches should have in common is that your fancy is tickled. If I ever start to focus, it will be watches that have unique and unusual attributes. But for now it’s “that’s cool!”


Buy what you like, not what you’re supposed to like. Your tastes will change. That isn’t a lack of direction, it’s a sense of discovery.


What they said! 💯


Buy what you like, not what you’re supposed to like. Your tastes will change. That isn’t a lack of direction, it’s a sense of discovery.

Well said, I absolutely agree with this


I guess collecting watches is not dissimilar to tastes in wine. It changes as the palate matures. Doesn’t mean to say those early wines/watches were a crazy night out or on the internet but they’re still great memories and only get rid of if need funds but you’ll regret if you loved it.


I was pretty much just like you when I started 😊 All good. As time passes you will surely realize what type of watches you are more inclined to. Just enjoy the journey. 😊


Way too early to tell. Going on 30 years and I still have to answer the question.


A direction without destination is meaningless. Personally I like having a watch for each regular situation I find myself in. It's why I don't have a diver, field watch or chrono (my gifted moonswatch not counting)

Who are you as a collector is only asked once you've first answered: who are you? Personally I'm not even a collector, I like watches and own a few. If the only structure to your collection is that its what you like, then you are a collector who collects watches that they like

I'm rambling but my point is don't force yourself into any set path, like patina it comes with time and more importantly, it happens naturally


I will say this: influencers and reviewers are a good resource but make sure that you are collecting what you like, because you like it.

Direction isn't necessary.

Don't get caught up in hype.

I've meet people who only have Timex and Casio watches and people who won't touch a watch that cost less than 3k and it has to be a diver. Both were happy.

Collect what you like, within your budget.

Be happy.