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Hamilton Murph 42mm

Trying out my Hamilton Murph 42mm on the Camo Barton instead of the black leather. Thoughts?

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commented on I can't stop buying haha

If you are not stuck to "major" brands, look into Doxa and Certina. Good prices and a bit different. Squale also has nice divers.

Look into a Seagull as well, it will surprise you.

commented on Rate the collection

That's awesome! Watches make good memories! Hold on to that one!

commented on I can't stop buying haha

what style do you find fits your liking the most? There are some awesome microbrands and mid tier brands that do certain styles very well.

commented on Rate the collection

That's a nice collection!

That Armitron is 馃啋锔 .

commented on Bracelet adjustment

Good job, it's definitely a learning experience!

commented on Do they look too similar?

I definitely think it's heavily inspired by the Breitling.

At this point however it will be increasingly difficult to not borrow elements from established watches.

They both look good, and if you either don't want or don't have the budget for the Breitling then I say go for it!

Curious as to why the Sugess caught your eye with so many "panda" chronos out there. I'll have to look them up.

commented on Collection is almost complete

There is always 1 more....

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