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This will be my next watch…. Once I get it back.

This watch belonged to my mom. My grandfather gifted it to her during her youth. I only know it’s more than 40 years old. She gave it to me. I took it...

Do you have any snob-ish watch trait? [Edited Post]

Edit after a couple of days : After having interactions with a few crunchers, I want to: Apologize if I made you feel like I was criticizing your watc...

🚨NWA!!! 🚨And the reason why I love this community!!

So, a month or so ago I made a post about non-buyers regret, and talked about how I missed the window to buy the G-Shock x Ben Clymer. Fast forward a...

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commented on New Watch Day! Hodinkee x Merci Paris ·

That’s so cool, Nick!

I hope you enjoy the watch!!

commented on Great but annoying ·

Lovely photo, BTW…

commented on Great but annoying ·

My Khaki Navy has the same issue… 😂 You’ll find reflections on almost all of the WRUW shots.

commented on DocFrenchie's WRUW ·

Ohhhhh lucky day then! Enjoy it, it is quite the watch, I imagine you’d be staring at it multiple times during the day.

I think that’s the closed back version, and to be honest, I don’t know if the campus has an open caseback option, but if they do, and this is it, then that’s yet another treat for you to enjoy…

commented on orangegatos's WRUW ·

Monkey see, monkey wants…

commented on apunctualman's WRUW ·

One of my favorite Longines models out there… simply beautiful.

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Calling all Unimatic owners!!! 🚨🚨🚨

First of all, I want to say that both photos were taken from Kibble Watches’ Website. With that out of the way…. I would like to read about your owner...

One G-Shock to rule them all

You can only choose one G-Shock model for the rest of your life…. You can have other colors, but overall it’s just the two models depicted here: 5600 or 2100.
82 votes ·

My non-buyer’s regret. Do you have one to share?

I always kick myself for not purchasing this watch when I could’ve. It would have been my first G-Shock since I began collecting. The thing is that is...

Does your adventure watches actually go on adventures?

The whole idea of having field/diver watches is that they’re tool watches to aid during adventures, and so I ask: Do you really take the watches on yo...

The best Longines? Vintage inspired Longines. Agree?

Longines has a super rich history to drawn from. So many complications, unique pieces, innovative creations. I truly believe they represent great value and are a wonderful option for someone trying to...
283 votes ·